Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!

We have a pretty low-key weekend {which are often times my favorite kind} before we head to Missouri next week to see the family.  Today, I'm teaming up with Narci and Andrea to share my FRIDAY FAVORITES.

Unless you've been living under a rock, I know you've heard a thing or two about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  ;)  {It's happening NOW for cardholders and the sale goes live to the public on July 20th.} I promise this is not something you're going to hear a ton about over here on my little piece of the internet because I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, but I do enjoy sharing my style with you. I think we've discovered we're all a little nosy and I'm loving taking a peek into everyone's shopping carts!  I thought you might enjoy it too.  So, today I'm covering what I ordered from the sale and some other goodies I have that are worth a mention.

Let's get to it!

I've gotta start with my favorite finds from the sale...

Did anyone else think they killed it in the girl department this year?

Aren't these cute?  I got Ebby Lee these sneakers for school....glitter, pom poms, AND she can wear them to p.e....sign her up!  :)

You can see all the Anniversary Sale Girl Items here.  I really thought Nordstrom nailed the girl section of the sale!

Now onto beauty...I'd be lying if I said I couldn't have spent my entire sale budget in this category.  You know how I feel about trying all the products. :)  But I practiced self control and only grabbed this set...

Okay, now on to the womens' clothes and shoes!

I remember last year mentioning a couple items that were maybe a bit out of my trend comfort zone, and you guys were encouraging me to go for it.  Well, it happened again.  I'm totally drawn to these funky hem jeans.  I ordered this pair of  regular denim 

and this black pair as well.  I promise to give you my thoughts next week after trying them both on.

This picture is from the sale last year, but I want to report AG's are back!  To be honest, I didn't order another pair because my AG jeans from last year are very similar AND in great shape.  If you're thinking about some designer denim, GET THESE!

Again, this is a picture from the sale last year, but if you don't have a blardigan, stop what you're doing and order now!  This version was new last year and has a hood.  If I'm voting for my favorite version, I'd choose this one.

This long cardigan is on it's way to me right now.  Isn't this one cute?

These Spanx faux leather leggings will be your BFF in your closet.  These are priced so well right now and are super comfy!  Last year, I shared a post featuring several different ways I style my leggings.

This top screamed, "FALL", to me so I had to give it a try.  :)

You girls know I love a jumpsuit so I ordered this one...

and this one.  {I'm thinking I'll pair them with a denim jacket in the fall.}

And I grabbed this top as well. 

Normally, I go crazy in the shoe department, but I only ordered two pairs of shoes this year.  #wellseehowtheyfit

Like I said, I promise to not flood the blog with Nordstrom Sale posts for the next two weeks, but once those items arrive I will let you know what I think.  :)

What'd you order?  Any must-haves you have in your cart or on their way?

Thanks for reading today!  And Happy Friday, Friends!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Current Thoughts on Season 20

If you've been reading here a while, then you know in the summer months I'm a HUGE fanatic three days a week watching this show...

I can not hold back my Big Brother thoughts a day longer.

I watched the Big Brother that aired last night and am chatting about it.  If you haven't seen it yet, come back to this post after you watch.

I'm gonna keep my thoughts short and sweet but these are the top FIVE things I want to discuss.

Showmances-Aren't these happening REALLY early in the game?  I'm not sure two showmances have formed before this early in the game EVER.  Do you guys remember?  Does it feel soon to you? And did anyone think Kaitlyn seemed to be a little jealous of the Faysal/Haleigh showmance?

Sam-I felt absolutely AWFUL for her when she had to be the robot.  That was a tough punishment ESPECIALLY the first week in the house!  She owes her remaining time in the house to Tyler and his smooth talking skills.  Right now he seems to be a bit of a puppet master.  Right?  I didn't see that coming!

The Crap Apps-I'm not sure if it shows my sense of humor or makes me sound really lame, but I LOVE those apps.  I thought the Hamazon App was awful in a hilarious sort of way.  I think I've told you before I'm super picky when it comes to meat.  But I'm fairly certain if I was playing that game and had to eat huge shipments of ham, I'd have had to wave the white flag on account of my gag reflex.  And the Yeller last night was hysterical!  I was laughing out loud while I watched him surprise, scream, and annoy Rachel at every opportunity. 

Rockstar-This girl needs MAJOR props for hearing about the backdoor plan AND NOT TELLING A SOUL!  How often does THAT happen during this show?  #notever  I can't blame Haleigh one bit for spilling the beans {it is Big Brother, after all}, but when Rockstar didn't mention it to Faysal and they were in a room alone together...well, I thought it was impressive and deserved a little shout out.

Kaitlyn-I completely understand she wanted to make a BIG move, but am I the only one who thought naming Swaggy as her replacement nominee was a horrible move for her game at this point?  I don't know who is going to want to align themselves with her now?  If I was in her current alliance, I'd be out and if I was in the other alliance, I wouldn't want to pull her to my side.  Now, it must be said that as a fan of the show, I LOVE a big move, but I think she's gonna regret this one.


That sums up my big points so far.  #iknowtherewillbelotsmore

At this point, I don't have one house guest who's really standing out, but I'd say I'm #teamrockstar after her ability to keep a secret last night.  That was HUGE!

Okay, if you had to vote RIGHT NOW for your favorite house guest, who would you choose?

I'm super pumped to see who goes home tonight...WINSTON or SWAGGY??!  Happy Big Brother Night, Friends!  Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How We...Motivate our Kiddos


Today, is HOW WE WEDNESDAY!  The day of the month where Shay and I share HOW WE do something, in hopes you'll share HOW YOU do something as well.  And let me be real honest, today I'm hoping you share a LOT of HOW YOU do it.  :)  This month's topic is HOW WE...MOTIVATE OUR KIDDOS.

In case you've missed any posts from this past year...

*In January, we shared HOW WE...DO GOALS/RESOLUTIONS.
*In February, we discussed HOW WE...TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.
*In March, we talked HOW WE...MOM FAIL.
*And last month, we shared HOW WE...PLAN SUMMER VACATIONS.

I'm pretty sure this topic can be taken a wide variety of ways...motivating kiddos to try their best in school, motivating kiddos to pick up after themselves, motivating kiddos to play their hardest in sports, and on and on.  I'm going to stick to overall-motivating them in general.  :)

I want you to know I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I am happy to share what works for us (most of the time-we'll get to that in a minute).

A few things I try my best to do (and don't always-REAL LIFE here, friends!)-

*Each of my kiddos are very different.  One wants to try her best at everything she is always clean, homework is done without me ever mentioning it, great manners are always used just get it.  :)  It's SO important for me to constantly remind myself they're SO different and that's okay. They are EXACTLY how God wanted them to be, but it is my job as their mom to celebrate their different personalities and also push them in ways that work best for them.

*Celebrating milestones and accomplishments is HUGE.  In a family with four kiddos, you just don't get as much attention as you would in a smaller family so when someone does something they've tried hard on...we all celebrate!

*TONS of encouragement!  It's funny that I'm writing this just hours after losing my mama mind over the playroom being messy.  Trust me...all encouragement went out the window.  BUT, MOST of the time I try to be their encouragers.  (Again-real life-I'm sure my neighbors got nervous and decided to pick up their playrooms too. #everyonecouldhearme)

*Rewards can be helpful, but I've gotta be honest-I struggle with rewarding them for things they should do on their own.  I think as a parent-you know when it's needed for that extra oomph of motivation and not needed because you've seen them do something hundreds of times before.  Rewards don't have to be a gift, toy, or something can mean a later bedtime, sleeping in mom/dad's room, or just one-on-one time with a parent.

*PRAYER!!  It keeps this mama SANE!  :)

 I feel like during the school year we have a good thing going, but I've gotta be honest, my kiddos are in SUMMER MODE.  It's WAY harder for me to keep them motivated in the summer (around the house) than during the school year.  Anyone else agree??  I'd love to hear how you're doing this in your house.  I've seen a ton of those charts about what your kiddo must do before he/she does this.  In theory those are amazing, but for us, we've been out of town, have camps, and other things going on so it's been hard to implement those when we haven't had many "normal" weeks of summer.  Any ideas...please send them my way!

I think that wraps it up for today!  If you missed the post today, please join us next month when we chat about packing lunches.

Thanks for stopping by!