Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!!  Today, I'm running some errands and then we're having a super lazy day.  Hope you're having one as well.  I was a little curious about why and how Labor Day began, so I looked it up.  You can read it HERE in case you were wondering too.  :) 

 Have a GREAT day, Ladies!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Favorites


It's Friday and I am SO ready for this three-day weekend!!  Andrea, Narci, and I are teaming up to share our Friday Favorites.  YOU should join us!!

#1 Back-to-School Week
Ebby Lee sported her Honey Pie Accessories shirt on Day 2!!

The boys and I hit up Carpool Lane with snacks and the DVD player on day two.  Didn't take us long to figure this out.  :)

Day 3...Nixon's smile cracks me up!  What is he doing???

Bowen absolutely LOVES Ebby Lee.  Probably because she lets him do what he wants, she's super sweet to him, she treats him like a baby, and he eats it up.  Nixon messes with him ALL THE TIME!!  Nixon does it because that is his way of "lovin on him".  At times they can get along GREAT!!  But...this week has been tough because our "buffer" Ebby Lee isn't here!  In this picture, Nixon tried to sit down beside B and he wasn't happy about it.

Bowen and I feel the EXACT same way about the first week of school.  hahahahaha!  Bless his heart!  His little schedule has been messed up.  A couple days he's missed naps altogether or had to take super short ones.  He feel asleep in the car on Wednesday and slept like this for a while. 

We had a little popsicle/pool playdate at the Shull house a couple days ago.  It was the perfect activity on a SUPER HOT SWELTERING TEXAS day!!  The three boys were looking ADORABLE on this step.  As soon as I snapped, Bowen turned around.  

Daddy's day for drop-off.  For some reason, Ebby Lee is super nervous about getting out of the car in the carpool line and walking to the school door.  She LOVES everything else about it, but that is her hang up.  I think she's afraid she won't be able to open the school door?  I can't really figure it out, but Tab told her he'd walk her to the school door.  Then he decided he'd go ahead and walk her ALL the way to her class.  Teacher friends....don't you know her teacher was thinking, "You are NOT supposed to be back here, Dad?"!!  hahaha!!  

#2 Bowen the Photographer
We were out running errands yesterday.  I gave Bowen my phone to play with and wait for it....he took approximately over 400 pictures like this.  400??  YES!  I couldn't believe it!

 #3 Sibling Love
I'm telling you...he ADORES her!  And the feeling is definitely mutual.  :)

Sweetest. Picture. Ever.

#4 Blackheads?

 I've gotten lots of e-mails from girls who would like to give Rodan and Fields a try, but don't necessarily want to start with a full regimen.  If you have blackheads (gross, I know...but who doesn't have them??), these two products would be a GREAT place to start to give R + F a try.  The Micro-Derm Paste exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling SO smooth.  And...the Acne Sulfur Wash is AMAZING!!  Let me know if you want to hear more about these products.  E-mail me at 

#5  Meet the Teacher
Nixon and Bowen had Meet the Teacher last night at preschool.  Nixon actually has Ebby Lee's teachers from last year. We LOVED them so we're very excited!!  And...he has 5 or 6 friends (all boys!!) from last year in his class.  He is excited about preschool starting!!  He has become my right-hand man during the day.  He is my little shadow and I can already tell this year is going to be a great year for the two of us!  So nice getting to soak up this time with my middle.

Poor third kid!!!  I totally forgot to take his picture in his room.  Don't worry...when he starts I'll go over board.  :)  I wasn't planning on sending Bowen this year, but just last week after seeing all the volunteer information from E's school, I decided it would be nice if he went two days.  Bowen is always SO bored when the big kids are gone.  This will be perfect for him!  The funny thing is during this picture I said, "Bowen, are you going to school?".  His response, "NO!".  hahahaha!!!  Next week should be fun!!

#6 Three Day Weekend

#7 College Football
College football has officially begun!!!  Tab has his first game this weekend.  I have some super fun things planned for the kiddos.  We're going to make the most of this football season!!  

Hope you have a great weekend!!!  Join us by sharing your faves and link up!  Thanks, ladies!

A Day to Remember

I'm so sorry.  I'm probably boring some of you guys to death!!  Hahahaha!!!  But this kindergarten milestone was HUGE for us!!  This is a day I want us to always remember!  Ebby Lee's first day of kindergarten...
Wahoo!!!  Homegirl had a GREAT morning getting ready for school.

Hahahaha!!!  Marla came over to watch Bowen and see Ebby Lee off.  That's why B is in his pajamas.  :)

Good thing Marla came over.  Let's just say my chalkboard sign looked NOTHING like this.  Thanks to got a little makeover. 

Blurry...but such a big girl walking to kindergarten!!

EEK!!!  She DID it!!  Then I made a beeline for the parking lot just in case I ugly cried!!  ha!

Nixon and I decorated the door to surprise Ebby Lee when she got home.

Tab came home early to pick her up with us.  We were newbies to the carpool line!  Check out B's face.  He wasn't as excited about carpool line day #1 as we were.  haha!

Sister LOVED the surprise!!  And...she had a GREAT first day of kindergarten!!  

I don't know about the rest of you moms, but I am TIRED!!!  Snacks, lunches, the kiddos' bedtime...I'm exhausted myself!!  How many more days until summer??  haha!!  #totallykidding

Again, thank you all for the sweet words, prayers, and e-mails!!  She had a GREAT day!!  XOXO