Thursday, September 18, 2014

Elle Foundation

In honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I'm so excited to introduce you to Kylie.  I received an e-mail from Kylie telling me all about a charity, The Elle Foundation, started by a friend and her family.  Let me just tell you...Kylie is passionate about this and it totally came through in her e-mail.  Today Kylie is going to share with you about this awesome foundation that grants second wishes to children with terminal illnesses.  For example there was a little boy that had a pool donated to his family through Make-A-Wish, but a week before the pool was finished, he had to have a trachea put in. Therefore, he wasn't able to even use his new pool. The Elle Foundation gave him the opportunity to ask for another wish! There are so many other stories like that and it's amazing what this foundation does!

In 2003 a young girl, Lauren Richmond, was diagnosed with a very rare and tenacious chordoma tumor on her brainstem. For over five years, with strength and determination, Lauren underwent various procedures to rid herself of the tumors. Unfortunately at the age of 15, Lauren lost her battle to cancer.
Lauren knew that a recurrence of cancer is sometimes more devastating than an initial diagnosis, because you start to lose hope. You start to wonder what you did wrong to deserve this. In Lauren’s finals days, she wrote “ I am up to you” and charged her family to take care of her foundation. She wanted to grant second wishes to children who had a recurrence of cancer. There are thousands of foundations that grant children a first wish, but this is one of the ONLY foundations that grants children a second wish. 
After establishing the ELLE FOUNDATION Lauren’s mom, Laurie, made a decision to quit her career and devote all of her time to the foundation. She does not accept any salary and all profits go towards wish granting. 
 Over the years, the foundation has sent ELLE children to Disney World, professional baseball games, given them ipads, paid for their families to go on a vacation, etc. The ELLE FOUNDATION’s goal is to create memories for those families that have a child that is struggling with this terrible disease. The foundation not only helps create memories, but it also offers support to the families facing these difficult situations. 
Unfortunately, due to so many wish applications and not enough funds, the foundation sometimes is not able to grant the type of wish a child wants. Our goal is to one day be able to accept every child’s wish application and help make memories and dreams come true. If you would like to make a donation to this foundation, please visit and click on the donate tab. Thank you all very much for your support and donations. 

Kylie....thank you SO much for sharing this with us today.  Praying for all those kiddos and their families involved with the Elle Foundation.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What We Wore

Happy Wednesday!!  You girls are serious about your football!  I'm so glad you had fun last week too!  It's time for my second installment of "What I'd Wear to a Big 12 Football Game".  haha!  That's such a catchy title, isn't it?  Last week I chose five random teams in the conference and made perfect game day outfits to wear to the games.  Today I'm heading to the other five universities to cheer them on (and possibly look cute doing it)!

First up...a football game in Stillwater cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

How cute would we all be screaming for the Cowboys in this dress??  LOVE it!!

I'd pair that adorable dress with these gorgeous orange Kendra Scott earrings!'s COWBOY football!! You better believe I'd be wearing these boots to the game!  

Next stop...WACO, TEXAS!!  To cheer on those Baylor Bears!!  I had several Baylor comments, so I felt a little under-pressure about this next outfit!!  haha!  And...Baylor fans there were not many choices in your color scheme.  I like what I found though.  :)

I don't know what screams, "BAYLOR BEARS" more than this mustard tank??

You could pair the tank with this military vest or...

This navy/plaid scarf.  One of my very favorite places to find scarves is Forever 21.  They're super cheap and so cute!  It's a bad pic.  I couldn't get the big one to work.  Just trust me. :)

I'd pair it with these Vigoss!!  Love these!

And...I'd probably grab these Toms' booties.  :)

Then we'd travel on to Lubbock, Texas to scream loudly for the Raiders!

I have a major love for red/black buffalo check!!  I'd for sure sport this vest at the Tech game!

I'd wear this denim shirt under the vest.

I'd pray for a little bit of a sprinkle so I could wear these beauties.  :)

Or I just saw these at Nordstrom for under $70.  There were lots of cute colors!

I might take Shay with me to this game.  :)  Manhattan, we come!

This is the perfect top for some Wildcats Football!  It is JUST like the OU top I chose last week. 

I'd pair the top with these destroyed skinny jeans.

I found these booties on sale and they'd look great at a K-State game!!

My last stop on this little journey is in Morgantown, West Virginia.

How cute is this lacey top to cheer on West Virginia??  I have a couple other tops that are this same brand and I love them! cute are these Gap boyfriend jeans??

These flats would be the perfect way to top off the outfit!

Okay, Ladies!  Let me know what teams you want to see next week!!  I can't wait to see where you're sending me!!  :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Top Three

Happy Tuesday, Girls!!  I got a sweet e-mail from a girl last week.  She (and her hubby) recently moved a long way away from family.  She was asking for any suggestions on getting plugged in to a new community.  (I think she'd read that Tab and I are from Missouri/Arkansas, but we're clearly doing our best to make Texas home for us and our family.)  Her e-mail really got me thinking!!  I can look back and give a couple GREAT ideas for things we did that worked well!  And...I have a couple things we did that did NOT work! Tuesday's Top Three is all about how to make a new city "home"...
#1 Get involved in a group

For Tab and us, that was a church group.  We were HORRIBLE at this when we first got married.  We lived in Arlington, TX and knew we wouldn't be there for long.  Again, I'll say it.  We were horrible at this for the first 8 months.  I had to finish my student teaching and could only do it in Arlington.  (Arlington was WAY too big city for us!  ha!)  That's the reason we were there.  We knew as soon as I was finished we wanted to move.  Once we moved to McKinney, we instantly started trying churches out and found a BFG (Sunday School class) that we loved.  The couples in there were ALL our age and everyone was in the same stage of life.  So much fun!  

Maybe you need to find a church group too!  Or maybe you need to join a gym or a running club?  The point is find something you're interested in and be a part of a group!

(Okay...that picture!  I searched on FB for pictures that were from WAY back when.  Tab is not on FB and therefore he is in NO pictures!!  This is the only one I could find from our days in Arlington.  Tab and I traveled back to Jonesboro, AR, for a football game.)

These were some of the girls in our BFG.  They were JUST what I needed during that time!  LOVE these girls!!  Whitney (on the left) had seriously just had a baby like three days before this picture!  I'm not even kidding!  Three days after having a baby...I was curled up in bed.

#2 Stay in Town

Our first year of marriage, Tab and I did a lot of traveling.  We went to visit my family.  We went to visit his family.  We went to visit college friends.  We went all over.  Now...don't get me wrong.  You should totally travel and have fun. was hard for us to get involved with a church and a group when we were gone all the time.  We decided one day that this was our new home and we needed to be here the majority of our time.  I think newly married couples think if they have an extra day or two off they should go visit family.  Maybe you should! might need to stay in town and hang out with new friends. 

#3 Take the Initiative

I get it.  You're new and you feel awkward (and nervous) about inviting a couple or a new friend to do something.  You have to get over it.  You guys (if it's a couple thing) or you (if just girls) have to get over that nervous feeling and YOU do the inviting.  You take the initiative and have a new couple over for dinner.  You take the initiative and invite a new girlfriend to go shopping.  Sometimes being new we tend to wait for an invitation and that shouldn't be the case.  You do the inviting!!

My kiddos were born and instantly blessed with some GREAT friends!!

#4 It takes TIME

Now I can say with 100% certainty that I have some of the best girlfriends EVER!!  But it took time.  Don't be discouraged.  In order to be super comfortable with friends, you have to REALLY know them and that simply takes time. It also takes everyone being REAL.

Bowen and I posing with the girls :)  haha!!  Get it?

Okay...hope this helps someone!!  Like I said, Tab and I did some things VERY well, but it took us a while to realize there were some things we needed to change.  Good luck to all of you in a new place!!  Here's to meeting new GREAT friends!!