Monday, December 5, 2016

Seeing NAVY

Happy December 5th, Girls!

Can you believe only twenty days until Christmas?  EEK!

Last year, I did a Seeing RED post and highlighted some last minute gift options all in RED, but this year I keep crushing on items that are NAVY.  I thought it'd be fun to change it up a little bit and share some NAVY finds with you.  If you're like me, you have some random gifts to purchase and hopefully this post will help.

This NAVY suede moto jacket is so cute.  It comes in a variety of colors, but the NAVY might be my favorite.

My puffer coat also comes in a metallic NAVY.  Right now, Gap is 40% off with the code GIFTWRAP.

If you're a babysitter for my family you should stop reading now...

I ordered all our babysitters a different color scarf...kind of looks like there's a little NAVY in each one.

These cute NAVY Sperry's are 15% off right now and would make the perfect gift.  In fact I might have a pair or two under my tree this year for some special ladies.  

This twisted front Lush top also comes in NAVY.

This NAVY plaid puffer vest is on sale right now for $43.00.  The ladies on your list could wear it all winter long.

This NAVY plaid top from J. Crew Factory is on sale also for under $25.  It comes in several other colors as well.

Kind of hard to see but I have this coat in ivory (also comes in NAVY).  I purchased it in Nashville when I realized I hadn't packed a big jacket and the game was supposed to be CHILLY!  It's on sale for under $80!
If you're looking for the perfect winter NAVY shoe, well look no further.  I found it for us.  :)  These are super comfy...not too high, not too low AND they're on sale.

I hope I helped you see a little NAVY this morning, girls!  Happy Monday!  XO

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

WAHOO!  It's FRIDAY!  And do you know what tomorrow is?  

The last Saturday of college season football.  

Kim and I are feeling like this about it.  :)  This has been our best season ever.  It sounds so cliche to say that it just flew by but in this case it's so true!  This season Tab had a lot of games in Texas which helped a ton because his travel time was really cut down.  Anyway, needless to say we're pumped about having him back on the weekends!

Today, I'm joining the ladies, Andrea and Narci, to share some of my FAVORITES.

First up, raise your hand if you've watched?  Gilmore Girls Revival?  I don't want to give anything away.  I will say that the second and third episodes were both just kind of -eh to me.  But I'm telling you, keep watching.

While we're on the subject of shows, I just saw Fuller House Season 2 is out next Friday, the 9th. 

 I shared our Sunday morning with you yesterday, but in case you missed it-check it out here.  Ebby Lee and Kensington sang a duet at church and it was the sweetest!

I had a hair appointment on Tuesday.  While I was waiting at the salon, I pulled up my Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up App, did my grocery shopping, and picked them up yesterday in ten minutes.  Seriously makes my life so much easier!  I shared my love of all things Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up last year, and funny enough...Kim was there excited with me then as well.  ha!

Do you guys remember this dress?  I got lots of questions about it and I just saw it's in stock now for 40% off.  It's pretty much a dress that can span all seasons.  I've worn it with booties to church, paired with a leather jacket in New York City, or with wedges in summer.

A less awkward picture of Shay and I from the night.  ha!

The countdown is on!  I'd been receiving boxes of presents I ordered, but with the kids here I was just stacking boxes in my office.  I finally opened them to see what I need to order, who has more/less, and made a quick list of a few things I still need to grab.  I'd love some help from you!

First of all, does anyone have this and does it really work?  I'm envisioning Nixon throwing this against the brick wall and it spiraling back.  But I'm not sure if it really works.  If you have this, please let me know before I order.  Thank you!!

Does anyone have Spikeball?  Amazon recommended this to me and I just wanted some feedback.  Please let me know your thoughts if you have or have played.  Thank you!

Shay hosted her annual Recipe Exchange on Tuesday.  It was as much fun as always and the perfect way to kick start the Christmas season.  This year the theme was, "Ugly Sweaters".  And I think we all came dressed for the occasion.  :)

In this one, I saw Karla across from me making such a fun face so I participated.  I just assumed everyone else was doing it too!  hahaha!  Great night with some of my FAVORITE girls.  

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!  XO

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving-Part 2

We woke up Thanksgiving morning pumped about catching the parade.  When we were in NYC, we stayed right across from Macy's.  Our kids thought it was fun to see...for about five seconds.  Then they were over it.

So much to be thankful for.

We snapped a picture before everyone arrived.

Everyone came to my mom's house for a yummy Thanksgiving lunch.  This is my grandpa with Bowen.

All the girls :)

Two cute little turkeys

The kids had their own space downstairs.  I think they were pumped about having their own table.

The 30's something table

My mom had set up a little craft table.  This crew was loving it.

They performed a little turkey play complete with a hunter...the cutie in green plaid.

Then it was time for the Turkey Bowl.  Nixon and I came up with the idea.  We let Nixon and Camden pick teams the dreaded p.e. style.  Not gonna lie...I went in the last round.  And this next pic might explain why...

Please take a look and explain to me what I'm doing.  I think I was flailing my arms and making weird noises to distract the other team.  I'm not sure it worked.

Once we started sweating, we all pretty much called the game.  But it was a good time.

Remember on Thanksgiving my family likes to SING??!  We haven't been to Missouri for Thanksgiving in over ten years so I'd almost forgotten.  Here we are with singing, "The 12 Days of Christmas".  My mom handed out days and I must say Tab and I were feeling lucky.  We grabbed the twelfth day from the start so we'd only have to solo once.  I'm not a rookie!  My big kids thought this was SO FUN!

Then it was GAME TIME!

My mom found the cutest Family Feud-Christmas version online.  This blog had done ALL THE WORK for you.  My mom just printed off and we played like Steve Harvey.  The game had ten rounds so everyone got a turn.  We split into two teams and had a blast!  #winningteam

Bowen made himself comfortable.  :)

On Friday morning we said our goodbyes and the kiddos and I headed for Texas.

Sunday morning we woke up to this cutie turning FOUR!

The big kids were singing in our church's Christmas service which meant we had to be at church crazy early.

We did this while we waited.  :)

In between services we hung out in the choir room.  A few of our favorites stopped by to say hi.  Miss Brittany is so sweet and these two adore her.

And these two girls, Caroline and Mackenzie, have been babysitting the Slaughter kiddos since the beginning.  We love these girls so much!

Ebby Lee was so excited to be a part of the Children's Choir for the Christmas service.  They started practicing back in October and have met weekly (with a few extra practices thrown in).  Nixon needed a little convincing but I know on Sunday he was so glad he had joined.  When Ebby Lee told me she wanted to audition for a solo, I downplayed it and tried to convince her otherwise.  She and Kensington both tried out and GOT A DUET!  We were all so excited!  This picture is from a performance on Sunday morning.  Look at those two!  They can be so quiet and shy, but they were absolutely ROCKSTARS.  I was so proud of those two girls.  I was with them before they went out to sing every time (we had three services) and they were as cool as cucumbers!  

Our church has a great "Deck the Halls" Christmas service the Sunday after Thanksgiving to kick off the Christmas season every year.  You can watch online here.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving week and we made some amazing memories.  So much to be thankful for this year.  Whew!  I think I'm all caught up with our week.  I'll be back tomorrow with some FAVORITES!