Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today marks one thing....CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!  
(And my sister-in-law's birthday...Happy Birthday, Kelly!)
Ebby Lee has her last day of school until January 6th!  Wahoo!  I'm super pumped about celebrating Christmas and having all my people here at home!  In typical Friday fashion, I'm teaming up with my girls, Andrea and Narci, to bring you our Friday Favorites!  You can join us simply by blogging a favorite, linking to us, and joining our link up!  Super easy!  I hope you'll join!!

Here are some random FAVORITES for you...
Ebby Lee and Nixon learned how to play one of my FAVORITE games this week.  Since we were stuck inside for several days, I think it's safe to say they really got the hang of it!!

This picture was posted on Facebook of two of my FAVORITES supporting a FAVORITE friend!

That Tamiflu is now a Slaughter FAVORITE!  It whipped Ebby Lee into shape in record time!  AMAZING!

I'm kind of making a scary face, but a FAVORITE moment was yesterday when this boy woke up without fever for a full 24 hours!!

My FAVORITE two-year-old made me this delicious sugar cookie to eat at his, "Happy Birthday Jesus Party".  It was DELISH!!  

We met some FAVORITE friends in Frisco last night for dinner and to check out all the lights!  These girls were striking a pose...hahahaha!

The best I could get. :)

SUCCESS!!!  Seriously...trying to take a picture with five kiddos just looking at the camera is so tough!  Well...actually it doesn't look like Bowen is really looking. Close enough!  ha!  Imagine how hard this will be when Miss Ashby joins the fun!!

Kind of blurry...but Bowen was enjoying sitting on one of his FAVORITES...a TRAIN!

Thanks for stopping by today!!  Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!!  :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Everything Entertainment

Wahoo!!  Today I'm talking everything ENTERTAINMENT!!  I'm a sucker for a good book, a good dramatic television series, or a great movie and when you've been stuck in the house for the last few days you get super pumped to share those goodies with others!  hahaha!  

Here are some book reviews...
52 Things Kids Need From a Mom
I began reading this book in the carpool line and was instantly a fan.  The writer gives a variety of ideas about things kids need from their mom from someone to tuck them in at night to someone who will always be their biggest cheerleader.  Reading this, I was very encouraged with some great ideas, but I also felt like she could have "kept it real".  Realistically, we can't be super mom on our "A" game 100% of the time.  The author never really addresses that, but I'd still recommend this book for anyone!!

Restless:  Because You Were Made for More
Back in September when Shay and I attended the DotMom Conference, Jennie Allen was a speaker. She was such a captivating speaker.  You could totally tell when she spoke that God was moving in her life.  I ordered this book as soon as we got home.  It was fabulous!  Shay and I were lucky enough to sit in on a breakout session that was based on this book.  The idea behind the book is that we all have dreams.  We have to dream big and figure out what God is calling us to do.  It's a GREAT read!  I also purchased the bible study and can't wait to get started with that one!

Rhinestone Jesus
Another fabulous book!!  Kristen Welch tells the story of her growing up as a Christian wearing her "Rhinestone Jesus" pin.  She proudly wore the pin and everyone knew she was a Christian.  She just wasn't really DOING anything for Christ.  Kristen and her family follow God's calling and do some BIG things for God.  (I don't want to ruin the book!  ha!).  Read it to hear the whole story!  You will not be disappointed!!

Where'd You Go, Bernadette
This story kept me very busy during carpool.  It's a very different type of chick-flick girly novel.  Very different than anything I've ever read.  The mom/wife of the family goes missing and the entire book shares events leading up to that situation.  I don't want to ruin this one either!!  EEK! 

The Blacklist
Tab and I are all caught up with the Scandal episodes.  I'd highly recommend that series if you haven't watched it!  So now we're moving on to The Blacklist.  We've only watched two episodes and I think we're hooked!!

These books are either on my to-read list OR on my nightstand...
The Best Yet

Secrets Over Sweet Tea

The Power of a Praying Woman's Words

What Alice Forgot 

My kiddos and I have been counting the days until we can watch....
We LOVE the original Annie movie, so we are super pumped about watching this in the theater this weekend.

What are you reading and what are you watching??  Please let me know what books I should be reading next!  Thanks so much for all your recommendations!!  XOXO

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What We Wore

Girls, it's been forever!  But..I'm finally doing another normal regular 'ole "What I Wore" Wednesday post.  (As I'm typing this post, I'm watching a Christmas movie with TWO sickies!  Yes, the flu took victim #2, Ebby Lee.  On a positive note, Nixon is feeling MUCH much better today!)

Maroon Tee:  Exact tee HERE and 50% off!
Long Tank:  Exact tank HERE.  I have a long torso so I'm a big fan of wearing maternity tanks to ensure they're plenty long.  These tanks are 30% off right now with code JOY30.
Houndstooth Vest:  Similar vest HERE.  I find myself grabbing this vest everyday and I have to use self-control.  hahahaha!
Plaid Scarf:  Similar scarf HERE on sale for under $10!!
Jeans: I think THESE are similar to my jeans.  I had a big gift card from Rodan and Fields so I splurged on a good pair of jeans!  Mine aren't very long.  I wanted some that worked well for booties.  On a sidenote, Nordstrom Rack has a ton of cute maternity jeans that are so cute HERE.
Toms Wedges:  Exact shoes HERE.  I got these last year for Christmas (thanks, Mom!) and I wear them all the time.  I'm usually not a wedge kind of girl at the mall or grocery store, but these shoes have changed me!  I can wear these all day running errands.  Super comfy!

Plaid Scarf:  Similar scarf HERE. Ooh!  Just found another option for $6.00 HERE!  Hello, Babysitter Gift!!  :)
Santa Tee:  I'm an absolute sucker for a Christmas tee!  I'm not even kidding when I say I think I have six in my closet.  I've probably been purchasing one a year for the last six years!!  I love throwing a tee on a spicing it up with a vest or scarf or a big chunky necklace.  Most of mine come from my friend's boutique, Brassy Blueberries.  We've teamed up and every week or two I'll share some goodies on the blog that will be for sale that week.  Then on Instagram (slaughteren) I'll be posting the items and it's first come, first serve.  You just leave your Paypal address and size if you want an item. 
Fur Vest:  Mine is sold out. :(  This vest is a cute option for a great price.
Jeans:  My exact pair (even though you can't see them) HERE.
Boots:  Similar pair of grey boots HERE.

Captured the little snuggle from Nix.  :)

Jacket:  Same jacket just a darker color HERE.
Black Shirt:  Exact shirt HERE.
Camo Pants:  Similar pants HERE.

Blanket Scarf:  Exact scarf HERE.
Yellow Coat:  I can't find a yellow coat that's similar, but if you're in the market for a coat THIS buffalo plaid coat is fabulous!

Happy Wednesday, Ladies!!