Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What We Wore

You guys know I've been changing up my "What I Wore Wednesdays" and featuring things like "What I'd Wear to a Big 12 Football Game" or "What I'd Dress My Family In For Family Picutres".  I've had a couple comments from girls asking for specific college football teams, so I thought I'd go back and highlight those schools.  This is what I'd wear to a Minnesota Golden Gophers game, an Ohio State Buckeyes game, a USC game, a Georgia Tech game, AND a Virginia Tech game.  I might have thrown in my own alma mater because maybe I found an old picture of a really cute player.  :)  Thanks ladies for the comments!!  Hope you find a little inspiration!  :)

How fun would it be to cheer for the Golden Gophers??  I love that mascot!!  This is my pick for catching a game in Minneapolis...

Another ballet mom (also a friend) was just telling me yesterday that she ordered some of these Kut from the Kloth skinny cords.  I think the black would be perfect with the cardigan.  (Thanks, Brittany!)

These booties are on sale for under $50!!  The perfect time to give a booty a try. :)

 It'd be a blast watching a game in Columbus, Ohio, and cheering on those Buckeyes!

I'm loving this top from Old Navy with the polka dots.

WHAT?!  These are the perfect pair of pants for a Buckeyes game!

It would all look great with these black booties.'s time for some Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket football!!  Love the navy/gold combo!

I have several Blu Pepper tops that I've acquired over the years.  I love how they are unique.  This is PERFECT for a Georgia Tech game...notice the gold details!

I found these lighter skinny jeans at Old Navy.  I think because the top is so dark the outfit needs a lighter pair of pants. :)

Love the "moto" look of these boots!  They're 25% off right now!

University of Southern California...the weather has to be perfect ALL football season long!!  I'm going to be completely honest...when I think back to my knowledge of USC football, I think of this...
Matt Leinart :)
Hahahahaha!!!  I had a CRUSH!  Let's be real...who didn't have a crush on him, right?  And...then he went to play for Arizona in the NFL and I pretty much never heard of him again!  ha!

Remember this??  hahahaha!!!  Back in February of 2008, I took my picture beside his cardboard cutout!  hahaha!

Okay, back to the clothes!!
This cardigan looks super comfy and stylish for a USC game.  Don't you think?

This denim shirt is on sale for under $20 at Nordstrom.  I love the edginess and it'd look great with these skinnies coming up...

How perfect would these burgundy skinny jeans be??

These booties are on sale (15% off!!) but there are only 8.5's left.  :(

Virginia Tech...I have one fond memory of you.  When I attended Arkansas State University, you beat us BAD!!  I just looked up the score...63-7!!  Way to go, Hokies!

I found this cute jacket while searching for a Virginia Tech outfit.  I definitely think it looks a little more "purple" than maroon, BUT I chose a few too many maroon teams this week!!  haha!  So can we pretend it's a little more maroon??  Thank you! :)

LOVE this Blu Pepper top from Nordstrom.  Perfect for a Hokies game!!

Paired with some Vigoss Destroyed Skinny Jeans...perfection!

And...these funky boots would be the perfect shoe to complete that look! honor of my VERY favorite Arkansas State football player, this is what I'd be wearing to cheer on the Red Wolves...(Do you recognize that guy?)

This would be the PERFECT shirt from Old Navy to wear to an A-State game!!  Am I the only one who's been super impressed with Old Navy's fall clothes?  They did a GREAT job this season, right??

And...these moto pants would look GREAT with that plaid shirt!  Go Pack!

And...these black embossed boots would top it all off. :)

Whew!!  This was a fun week!!  Thanks again for the ideas, girls!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday's Top Three

It's Tuesday!  Time for another Top Three!  Today I need your help!  When we moved into our house, I didn't do much in the kids' upstairs bathroom.  It's a Jack and Jill bathroom that Nixon and Ebby Lee share.  I want it to be super neutral...which is proving to be a little tricky.  Because with the neutral, I want it to look like a kids bathroom.  Does that make sense??  I'm looking for the perfect inspiration picture.  I'm not sure if I'll start before or after the holidays (you know when my free help is finished with football?  haha).  I've searched and searched on Pinterest and Houzz.  

Let me know which bathroom is your favorite...  

 Option 1:

I love love love this!  I think by adding the polka dot towels it makes the room look more kid-friendly.  

Option 2:

I know this is a mudroom, but I love this look.  I'm a big fan of stripes and the beadboard?  The perfect combo.  I think I could add a girly color and a masculine color with the black and white to add a little more "fun" to the room.

I really like the navy stripe!!  We could add turquoise and orange to the navy and some beadboard to the bottom of the wall.

Option 3:

Or...we could add more color.  A turquoise with some other pops of color would be super cute as well!

Okay, ladies!!  I need your help!  What is your favorite look for a 4-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl bathroom??  Can't wait to see what you choose!!  Thank you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy Weekend

Happy Monday!!!  This is what we were up to this weekend...

 I'm a Rodan + Fields consultant.  Recently one of my girlfriends joined my team!  Yay!!  Friday night we had a launch party for her AND our new Acute Care product.

 Lauren (on the left) is a leader on our team and she came to the party.  It was a GREAT night!  Girlfriends, dessert, AND skincare?  Yes, please!  And...three kiddos upstairs with the babysitter...hahahaha!

Our set up looked pretty cute, huh??

Saturday morning we met our friends, the Kellys, at the Dallas Arboretum.  It is absolutely gorgeous in the fall with all the mums and pumpkins.

Then we hit up the kid's area for some fun.  I did a horrible job taking pictures, but there were lots of water activities.  They loved it!  Their favorite part was the big sand area.  :)

Ebby Lee was participating in a little wind experiment.

I have no clue what this little exhibit was about.  #justkeepinitreal

We got in the car right at lunch time, so they all ate their dinner while watching a movie on the drive home.  Tough life, huh??

 After the Arboretum, we dropped Ebby Lee off at a play date.  Her very first play date with a kindergarten friend!!  The boys and I headed to the Manda Strong Zumbathon.  Their shocked non-moving expressions crack me up!  That's exactly how I feel about Zumba too!!  haha!  I went to one Zumba class a few years ago and I could not stop laughing at myself.  Every time I saw my reflection in the mirror I busted out laughing!  Zumba pretty much gives me the same anxiety-type feelings I'd get before a junior high dance!  It just isn't my "thing".  The boys and I went and supported those girls who can ZUMBA though!  There were rockstars out there shaking it.  I was SO impressed!

I was talking to a friend and saw this.  You can't tell in the picture, but Nixon was patting his back.  Melts my heart!

A couple of the girls in our BFG...look, I wore my Arboretum clothes, because I didn't want anyone to peer pressure me to Zumba!  haha!  You can't Zumba in a scarf, can you??

The boys and I ran a couple errands.  Ebby Lee got dropped off from her playdate and Presley came over to hang with us for a bit.  I dumped a bunch of random craft goodies on the table and told them they could make anything they wanted.  :)

Sweet Girls :)

On our way to church yesterday morning, Bowen started not feeling good again.  It was my week to work in the welcome area, so we pressed on!  I just kept the icky Bowen with me so he didn't get anyone else sick.  We left a little early, and after lunch and rest time, Ebby Lee and I headed out for a little GIRL TIME!  Being one sister with two brothers, she thrives on GIRL TIME!  I try to find time for us to hang alone as much as I can.  We headed out for a little pedicure yesterday afternoon.

After dinner, Bowen was feeling a little better.  The big kids biked while we walked/strolled.

Hope your week is off to a GREAT start!!  We're laying low today just making sure Bowen is better before we get back out in the real world!