Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guess Where I Am??

I'm over at Sheaffer's blog sharing my closet!!!

Go HERE to check it out!

Thank you, Sheaffer, for having me!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Favorite Things Party

We're having a PARTY!!!  This is one of my favorite days of the month.  I love joining Andrea and sharing my favorite thing or two under $10.  You should join us!!

By the way, Ebby Lee walked right in and did great yesterday morning!!  Again, thank you for all the prayers and sweet words!

My VERY favorite $10 gift is BIRCHBOX!  If you've never heard of it, Birchbox is an amazing monthly subscription where for only $10 (YES, I KNOW!) you receive five samples...all beauty related.  This month I received an oil therapy for my hair, a perfume sample, a bronzer, beauty balm, and breath spray.  The great thing about it (other than it's only $10) is you can write a review on the products you receive and earn points.  After enough points, you can order regular size products for free!  Click HERE to check it out.  I'm telling's SO much fun to receive a surprise box of goodies every month.

I've already shared this book with you, but I think you can get it from Amazon for $10??  This is a super quick type read devotional.  There is a always a funny story along with a verse.  Yesterday morning do you think it was an accident that the chapter was called, "Letting Go of Your Child"???  I don't think so!  :)  

Ladies...this is important.  Have you tried these??  Oh. My. Goodness.  I grabbed them to have a little special treat after dinner.  We had them on Sunday night and they were DELICIOUS!!!  Let's just say that I MIGHT have had two!  You need to add these to your grocery list ASAP!!  

I'm doing something SUPER fun tomorrow!!  Can't wait to share it with you!!  

And...join us for the party!!  Link up with us and share your favorite thing under $10!  Can't wait to check them out!

Soaking Up the Last Bits of Summer

The kiddos and I stayed home Thursday ALL DAY.  By 5:00, Bowen and I were BOTH ready for Tab to get home.  hahahaha!  Can you tell?

Marla came and picked E up for a little pre-kindergarten date.  She let her choose her own outfit, scarf, and as soon as she got back she modeled for us.  :)

Marla and Ebby Lee got pedicures.  Marla was showing the boys how they massage your legs.  The boys were eating it up! 

Marla would say, "Close, your eyes and relax".  Bowen was ALL about relaxing!  Hilarious!

Friday we met a bunch of friends at the pool for our LAST SWIM of the summer!!  The kiddos were OVER the pool.  Nixon kept himself busy in that little pile of sand and with that game.

Word on the street is...these boys are pumped their sisters will be at school all day. 

I didn't notice before I took the picture, but apparently Bowen was having a major diaper malfunction.

Ebby Lee, Kensington, and Presley were jumping off the diving  board and having Shay take pictures.  I LOVE this one she took!!  That's exactly how I feel about our was GREAT!

Friday night we grilled out and the kiddos swam at the Cox house.  We live in different towns and just don't get to hang out with them enough.  It was a great time catching up!

These girlies have been friends since they were babies.  :)

Tab found a new friend.  Not sure who had the bigger muscles?

Yesterday was "Launch Sunday" (Promotion)...Ebby Lee's class is now upstairs which is a huge deal if you're 4 or 5.  She asked Nixon if he'd like to "congratulate her".  hahaha!  Nixon was super quick to say, "NO".  The big kiddos loved their new classes and Bowen refused to talk.  He was still mad that we'd dropped him off.  #thirdkidproblems

Today is a BIG BIG day in the Slaughter house...
This sweet little girl who stole my heart over five years ago starts kindergarten today!!  Thanks so much for all the sweet comments, e-mails, and even texts.  You guys are the best.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!!