Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Things Party

It's THANKSGIVING week!!  Wow!  That came so quickly!  I'm so excited about this week.  I have my kiddos home with me all week long AND we have family coming to town for Thanksgiving.   Today, Andrea and I are having a Par-Tay!!  Every last Monday of the month we host a "Favorite Things Party" and share a few favorite things under $10.  Don't forget to join us!!  Just post a few of your faves under $10, link back to us, and link up!

Since it's SO close to Christmas, (you guys only 4 Fridays until Christmas!!) I thought I'd share some fabulous stocking stuff ideas for under $10.

I've heard AMAZING things about this primer and found this little gift set for $10.  It'd be a super great way to try out a few products.  Ladies...if you've never tried a foundation primer need to rectify that situation ASAP.  I got one in my Birchbox this summer and it changed my life!!  

I've discussed my love for Birchbox several times before, but I can think of nothing better for a stocking stuffer!!  If you haven't heard of Birchbox, it's an amazing company!!  My aunt gave me a subscription back in January and it was like Christmas EVERY time it arrived!  For only $10 a month, you can sign up HERE for a subscription.  You receive a box of four to five beauty products samples ranging from nail polish to perfume.  You could stuff a stocking with only one Birchbox, get them a couple months' subscription, or treat them to an entire year!  Just to get an idea...this is what came in my box this month...

 Folle de joie perfume

Bain de Terre Argan Oil and Passion Flower Styling Oil

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

I didn't pay attention to the "Eye Stick" on the side and I immediately opened it up and applied "lip gloss".  hahahahaha!

Perlier Body Butter

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

I've shared my love for cozy socks before as well, but they MUST be included in a stocking stuffer post!  These Old Navy socks are my absolute favorites!!

This Essie set is a little over the $10 budget, but I couldn't choose just one color.  I also LOVE that glitter polish!!  This would be so fun to see in a stocking, wouldn't it??

Please let me know what you'd love to find in your stocking!!  Do you have items on your wish list for under $10??  I'm hoping my "Santa" reads this post!  haha!  

Don't forget to link up with us!!  Just add your link at the bottom!  Happy Monday!!

Tomorrow on the blog, I'll tell you all about our weekend and I was reminded of my love for Ruffles and French Onion Dip!  hahahahaha!!  #whyisitsogood

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites-We're THANKFUL

Hey Girlies!!!  Happy Friday!!  I'm sharing some favorites again along with a few of my favorites girls, Narci and Andrea.  We'd love for you to join the link-up!  Just share a favorite ANYTHING on your blog, post, and link-up!!  We have a FUN surprise for you today!!

First...the winner of the Be Still Clothing Company (one of my very FAVORITE new companies) Giveaway is...
Hannah Rae
Hannah, please e-mail me and we'll get you a shirt!

Andrea and I are hosting another FAVORITE Things Party on Monday!!  Come check out a few of our favorite things under $10 OR join us and link up!

 One of my FAVORITE posts every week is my "What We Wore Wednesday" posts.  I switched it up a little this week and didn't get to post my "What I'd Wear to a NFL Game" outfits.  I'm going to share a few today!

First stop on this trip, is Atlanta, Georgia!!

This thermal lace top would look GREAT under all my vests/jackets AND great for a Falcon's game as well.  
I don't know what it is about a fur vest, but I love them.  Seriously...I have a soft (and furry...hahaha!) spot in my heart for fur vests!!  This black vest would look fabulous with that red top.

I'm LOVING this black vest option as well!

Next stop...a Carolina Panther's game!!  That blue is just pretty, isn't it??

This cardigan is so cute.  It looks so put together but so comfy as well.

This white tee would look great under the cardigan.

I'd pair it with this Kendra Scott necklace to bring out the Carolina blue!

Hello, New Orleans!!!  I'm a big fan of the black/gold combo!  Especially right this second.  Gold is so in!!  So a Saint's game would for sure be fun!!  

***A little trivia fact for you...which New Orlean Saints' football player has a son named, Bowen??***

Drew Brees

I'll never forget the day or moment it happened.  I had just arrived at our Preschool  Teacher's Summer Retreat.  (Before Bowen I taught preschool two days a week at our church)  I am NOT a fan of camping or any thing that requires me to take a sheet or a sleeping bag to sleep on a thin mattress.  Especially not a fan when I'm six months pregnant. was GUSHING rain from the sky that night.  The room I was in started leaking rain, so we had to drag our "mattresses" into the meeting room and sleep on the floor!! 

 WHOA!!  I got a little sidetracked and a little too "into" that story!!  Anyway...Shay called while I was there and said that she had the PERFECT name.  (Tab had been wanting Beau all along, but I just wasn't feeling it.) She said, "Drew Brees has a son named, Bowen.".  I knew instantly!  That was it!  

Another CRAZY part about that story is that I looked up the other Brees' children's names.  They have a child named "Callen".  For YEARS and YEARS, I wanted to name a boy "Kallen".  How crazy is that??  (Once I was pregnant, I never felt like "Kallen" was supposed to be their names...but I love the name.)  Maybe I am meant to be GREAT friends with his wife??  Mrs. Brees...CALL me!!  I think we'd instantly become besties!  haha!

Doesn't this vest SCREAM New Orlean's Saints?? 

Last stop on the trip...Tampa Bay, Florida, to see the Buccaneers!  

This red sweatshirt looks cute and comfy for a Buccaneers' game.  It'd be darling paired with ANY of those vests!!

Hope you found a little inspiration and maybe you realized my love for faux fur vests is running strong??  hahaha!!

Another FAVORITE...

WAHOO!!!  We wanted to express our THANKS to YOU!!  We're so thankful to all of you who read our blogs, link-up with us, and share your comments/stories too.  I never dreamed that getting to participate in this blogging "community" would be so much fun!!  We're giving away a $150 Nordstrom gift card to one lucky winner!!  Enter that Rafflecopter NOW, girls!!  Good Luck!! 

Hope you have an AWESOME weekend!!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Owning It

I'm so excited about my guest post-er!!  I've been excited every month so far!  I'm loving this new series and I think you ladies are as well.  I'm sure many of you already know this sweet girl, but just in case you don't...I'd like to introduce you to Fancy Ashley!!

I mean seriously!  Could she be any cuter??

Ashley blogs about all about her family including her two adorable kiddos, lots of DIY, and many day-to-day things but somehow she manages to make it all a little fabulous!!  You should definitely check out her blog HERE.

Shay and I every once in a while discuss blogs we're reading.  I distinctly remember us leaving the gym one day and she asked, "Do you read Fancy Ashley's?".  I said, "Why is she called FANCY Ashley?".  She told me to read and I'd understand.  After becoming a blog reader I totally get it!!  I love that she's always seeing the positive but also keepin' it real! 

Ashley...I think of you EVERY time I see this saying!!

Clearly, she has a super fun blog and you need to check it out!  Today, Fancy Ashley is claiming her crazy and OWNING it with us!!  Here we go...(I put all of her "crazies" in italics.)

1.  I'm a germaphobe and I have purell obsession.  There are purells at every door in my car and it's all over the house.  It's crazy, I know, but I can admit that, so I feel good about it.  HA!  Anytime I see someone cough/sneeze in public without covering their mouth, it makes me crazy and takes a lot of willpower for me not to say "please cover your mouth!".

I have a CRAZY funny story about germs.  Ashley...I hope we can still be friends!!  haha!  My two oldest kiddos are super close in age and when Nixon was younger, he was pretty typical rough and wild boy.  (Some might say he still is!)  Anyway, I remember taking my two (very small) children to a playdate at McDonald's to meet up with some friends.  In the middle of talking, Sheaffer did this weird scream.  She had seen Nixon LICK the floor at McDonald's (of ALL places).  Yes, ladies!!  Disgusting!!  Ashley would have given him a Purell bath!!  haha!

2.  I read books super fast and I have been known to stay up all night reading a book if I am really enjoying it.

3.  If I could do any job in the world, I would be a pop star (and no, I can't sing).

4.  I can't dance.  I have no rhythm and no coordination.  But, I have fun and enjoy myself anyway.  Learning to dance well is on my bucket list, but I'm not sure there's any hope for me.  My family and husband think it's hilarious.

Good for you!!  I can't dance either, but I don't even have fun trying!!  hahaha!

5.  I have a legit fear of spiders.  I check my bed every night for them.  I check the walls, etc. If there is one anywhere in the house, I cannot sleep until it has been taken care of.  Last month, there was a HUGE spider in a pile of towels and I realized it as I walked into my laundry room.  I screamed and threw the pile into the washer and washed the towels on SUPER hot wash, 4 times.  Then when my exterminator got here later that day, I was still freaking out and I asked him if he would put the towels in the dryer for me.  God bless him!  He did it and was so nice, but I'm sure I'll go down in history as his craziest customer EVER.

This is my VERY FAVORITE one!!  LOVED it!

Look how DARLING these kiddos are!!!

6.  I watch the show Frasier every single night.  Season 1-11 on repeat.  My hubby and I are always quoting the show.  We know a lot of the lines.  I always secretly wish I could be besties with Frasier, Niles, Martin, Daphne, and Roz.

7.  Growing up, I wanted to be the next Oprah and have my own talk show.  I produced a late night talk show in college.  It was on the local TV station.

8.  I love karaoke and always sing Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With your Best Shot!".  We also started the tradition where my sisters, cousins, friends, etc, sing it at every family wedding.

9.  I can rap/sing most of Eminem's songs.  He and Pitbull are two of my faves.

10.  I "kill" things as I call it.  I will eat the same meal for weeks on end until it's no longer appetizing.  I'll listen to the same song on repeat for weeks until I can't listen to it anymore.  I will watch movies over and over.  I've done it for as long as I can remember!

11.  I make lots of to do lists, forget where I put them and start over again.  It's a cycle and it's no wonder that my to do lists seem never ending!

12.  I can't swim any of the strokes, despite years of swim lessons (I think this goes back to my lack of coordination).  I can tread water and swim like a frog.

Remind me...I'll teach Shay to dive and you some strokes. :)

13.  I'm loyal to a fault.  If I'm your friend, I ALWAYS have your back.

14.  I like even numbers.  We recently planted trees and I insisted we plant 4 instead of the suggested 3.

Ashley...thank you SO much for "Owning It AND Claiming Your Crazy".  I LOVED it!!  Don't forget to check out Ashley's blog HERE and follow her on Instagram "thefancyashley".

If you missed any of my other guests, you can check Kelly out HERE and Shay out HERE.

Hope you guys enjoyed our guest as much as I did!!  Happy Thursday, Girlies!