Thursday, January 19, 2017

Park City Adventure

On Monday evening, we got back from a fun-filled no-kids allowed getaway with the Shulls.  Shay is sharing our trip as well today, so make sure you check it out over on her blog too.

We left super late Thursday evening so we arrived crazy late or early on Friday depending on how you look at it. :)

We were up early on Friday for a quick breakfast before the guys left to ski.

Shay and I were chilling in her room before spa appointments and we saw THESE!!  We flipped!  Just to the left of this picture is a pretty big road and across the lake was our building!

I usually don't post three pictures of the same thing, but you GUYS!

Crazy, huh?!  And just like that.  They were gone.

The guys set off to ski/snowboard and we did what we do best...SPA.  I'm telling you we turned that word into a verb on this trip.  Our resort had an amazing spa and we took full advantage.

My get-up for the, leggings, and snow boots (similar).

These guys were having a blast.

After spaaing all morning, we headed to the sports bar/grill in our resort for the most delicious french onion soup and lobster grilled cheese.  Yes, a LOBSTER grilled cheese!  Delicious!  And check out ALL THAT SNOW!

We stayed at the Hotel Park City.  It's a Marriott property and if you're looking for a place to stay, you should check it out.  We stayed in a suite so we had this super cozy living space (with a hot tub right outside that door).

A bedroom with a king bed that just happened to be super comfy.

And a GORGEOUS view!

This was our third trip to the Park City area and I never fail to forget how gorgeous this area is.  It's BEAUTIFUL!

And another little shot of the living room/kitchen area of the suite.

Pros to this resort...*It was super close to Main Street area.
*Spa was amazing.
*A sports bar/grill and a Ruth Chris' inside.
*Free coffee all day.  ;)
*Our room was great.  
*Never felt a bit crowded.

Cons to this resort...*It isn't a ski in/ski out, so the guys took a shuttle to the base of the mountain every morning and either shuttled or Uber'd back in the afternoon/evening.  This is the only downside to the resort and I'm sure it's the reason our resort never felt busy.

Our first night out on the town we had appetizers at...

No Name Saloon-this place has a cool atmosphere and was PACKED!

Then dinner was at Prime Steakhouse.  The steak was good, but the creamed spinach was where it was at.  :)

My handsome date :)

Day two started out like view was amazing.

The guys were busy doing this while Shay and I were doing this...

eating more french onion soup at a cute little bistro in downtown Park City.

We walked by Robert Redford's restaurant, Zoom.  We hit up the shops on Main Street.  Park City has such a cute little downtown area.  Great shops and great dining!

After shopping, we grabbed coffees and our books and made ourselves cozy in front of the lobby fire.

We headed to our own rooms for a little rest before dinner.  I checked some e-mails and watched Netflix.  #cantstopwontstop  haha!

Night number two we hit Main Street again.  Isn't it cute?

Grappa Restaurant was on the menu...this was my favorite meal.  We had the best table right by the window with a great view of Main Street and the gorgeous snow.  

Our last full day Shay and I hit up the spa again.  Do you see a theme?

On this day, I had the Pure Indulgence...think dry brush scrub, massage, and a wrap.  It was fabulous!

Cozy outfit for the and leggings.

This picture of the guys cracked me up!

We ended our night at Grub Steak Restaurant.

Ready for a night out!  Sweater, leather leggings (similar), and booties (sold out).

I Facetimed with this cutie on Monday morning before heading back home and somehow this happened.  It paused and I could barely make out his face, but could hear him?!  Have you had this happen?

And in no time at all it was BACK TO LIFE, BACK TO REALITY and all the laundry.  :)

This vacation was everything grown up trips are made of...great food, all kinds of fun, and lots of relaxation.  Thank you, Shulls for a FABULOUS time!!  And thank you to my mom for holding down the fort at home!  We couldn't have done it without you!  XOXO

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Entertainment with Erika

Hi Wednesday!  It's good to see you.

I've gotta be honest I have been in full on GOSSIP GIRL BINGE WATCHING MODE any time I have a free second so books, other shows, and movies have totally taken a back seat.  Tab is watching his own show right now so any week night you can find us on opposite ends of the couch binge watching our own thing.  #qualitytime  #doesthatcount I told myself when this show is over I'm taking a Netflix BREAK!  

I'm positive Netflix is judging me.  :)

In the midst of our two little getaways we've been on lately I managed to get a little reading in and am happy to share today.

This book was everything chick-lit books are made of.  A guy and a girl who happen to not only work together but despise each other as well suck you right in!  One thing leads to another and...the rest is history.  :)  If you're a fan of girly reads, then I'd recommend it.  (Rated R, Grandma, this one isn't for you.)

The truth is I started reading this book about a year ago and it got lodged between my driver's seat and the console.  Also known as no-man's land where things go and are never found again. Just ask time she lost an earring in my car and it was NEVER FOUND AGAIN.  #truth   All that to say, I was a quarter of the way into this and then it was MIA.  When I got a new car, this book was recovered (but no sign of Sheaffer's earring).  In this book, Annie tells of many of her own struggles about "looking for lovely" in herself.  The truth is we all have issues, scars, and pasts, but there is lovely inside us all.  It was a great read and PERFECT for women.  I'd like to add-my junior high self was a hot mess and this book would have been great.

I heart Lauren Graham.  In Gilmore Girls, she was my absolute favorite and her character in Parenthood was perfect for her.  In "Talking As Fast I Can", Lauren shares the details of her life that led her to Gilmore Girls-A Year in the Life.  It was fun reading behind the scenes info about other cast mates.  My favorite tidbit was how many of her Parenthood crew she put in those last four episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Remember Peter Krause was the park ranger?

This book was a struggle to get into.  Once I hit the halfway mark though, I was hooked!  It goes back and forth between characters and time periods, so it took a while to remember each character.  This is about a missing child in the 1930's.  A police officer (in the 2000's) on leave stumbles upon the case and starts digging deep in order to solve the crime from years ago.  I'd say as long as you can get halfway then you'll be hooked!

I watched half of this week's episode with my head down and I'm positive I was sweating!!  The trench coat, whipped cream, and Backstreet Boys' serenade was all too much!  Then the tears with Vanessa?!  WHAT was that?  I can't figure him out!  Be sure to head over to my girl, Sheaffer's blog to read her recap. They're the BEST!

And Gossip Girl...where was I when this show was on the air?  The drama, New York City setting, and fun fashion has me HOOKED!

That's what has been keeping me entertained.  What about YOU?!

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!  XO

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I'm so excited about the first Tuesday Talk of the year.  Fancy Ashley and will be chit-chatting like two girlfriends the third Tuesday of every month and we'd love for you to join us!  You can share anything!

Today, I'm sharing things that drive me CRAZY!  Maybe you feel the same way?

*Hollywood Movie Producers-Goodness!  How I wish someone could send them this blog post.  Can someone PLEASE explain why they feel the need to take a super cute wholesome family movie and add two naughty words?  Would removing those words really make the movie bad?  NO!!  It drives me crazy.  Movies like Mighty Ducks, the Sandlot, Home Alone, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid all fall into this category.  My kids are in that stage where they still watch animated movies and love them, but they also enjoy watching kid movies with people.  And there just aren't that many out there without naughty words!  UGH!  If you are a Hollywood producer, PLEASE explain to me why you throw in just two-three naughty words?  Us mamas of the world would LOVE an explanation.

*Delivery Times-We ordered Ebby Lee a new bed (like three months ago and it's finally arriving) and the company called to schedule a delivery date.  The options were THE ENTIRE DAY.  They couldn't even tell me morning or afternoon.  They wanted me to block off the entire day.  No, children, I can't take you to school because the bed might delivered at 8:00 a.m.  No, I cannot go to the store or run any errand or leave my house, because the bed might be delivered.  Isn't that crazy?  Or is that one just me?

*Cream Cheese-Whoever invented this I'm angry with them.  I'm tend to think everything would taste a little better with some cream cheese.  Anyone agree?  BUT WHY invent it if it's so bad for us?  I think maybe this person guy or girl should have spent more time figuring out a way to make carrot sticks more delicious instead coming up with cream cheese.

*CD's-Are these a thing anymore?  Do people even still make cds?  I'm not sure but I'm under the impression the only way I can purchase a song and listen is ITunes.  Tab always tells this story about his dad not wanting to put a cd player in his truck because he told him that cds wouldn't be around long before the next best thing was out.  We used to laugh at his dad and right this second he has a point.  I'm going to sound a little older than my age, but sometimes all the technology drives me nuts!  I wish we could slow down a little bit.

*Purses-I shared last week what was in my bag at the moment and many of you laughed, some of you shook your head, and others virtually fist-bumped me.  Purses drive me crazy!  A different handbag for different outfits, you have to remember to move all the important stuff from one bag to the other, and it's just so much to keep up with!  

Now it's your turn.  What drives you CRAZY?!  Hope you enjoyed the first Tuesday Talk of the year.  

Thanks again for joining us today!  :)