Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sideline Style

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Thursdays are maybe my favorite day of the week.  I feel like Thursday nights are the eve to the weekend so they're just more laid back.  After a busy week, laid back is nice.  :)

I have a few Game Day options for you!

First up, are the Huskies...
#1 Split Back Turtleneck (the back is CUTE!)  Also comes in ivory which would be cuter with the earrings. :)  I'm slowly falling in love with Free People.  This might need to come live in my closet. 

Aggies, it's your color year, for sure!  Your maroon/wine/plum is everywhere.  Live it up, friends!

#4 Peacoat

Wisconsin fans...a few things you might like.  I keep seeing that coat and every time I try to justify another coat purchase.  I haven't convinced myself.  Yet.  :)

#1 Plaid Tunic

#2 Dolman Sweater

#3 Fit and Flare Coat

In case you've missed your team...
Alabama, Clemson, and Oklahoma
Louisville, Michigan, and Ohio State

Hope your Thursday is a little laid-back.  :)  XOXO


Mix and Match Mama said...

That coat makes me want to be a Wisconsin fan!

Elizabeth Rogers said...

Such a fun post!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

That split back turtleneck is so cute. I think you need that!

Narci said...

Cute, cute red coat! I am a sucker for a red coat, and this one is darling!

Dawn said...

So fun! Have you seen Draper James' Tailgate line? Lots of cute collegiate items and accessories like gloves that say "go y'all"

Cyndi Berger said...

Go Huskies, long time Husky fan. Plenty of gold and purple in my closet?

Queen In Between said...

Oh my gosh those steve maddens....eek! I do love that coat...I am always wanting to buy cute coats and then remember we only have 2 days a year here when I actually need one! haha

Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

So cute!! Fall fashion is just the best!! I love all the options you share!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I'm a Georgia fan so I already have a coat like that! I LOVE it!

Alexandra said...

I know you've posted lots of reds, but I need some Redwolves//Razorback options, prettiest please. :) #WPS