Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

I'm so sad to see you today, Friday.  We've had an AMAZING SPRING BREAK and you're reminding me the fun is almost over.

Narci and Andrea are holding down the fort today.  

Please add your blog to the link-up and I'll be back here Monday!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We...Wednesday!

Hey, Hey Everyone!

I say this every month, but it's really one of my favorite days of the month over here.  :)  Today, Shay and I are sharing HOW WE...and we hope you'll share HOW YOU...the plan is we'll all learn a little something from each other.  Or at least have a REALLY good laugh.  We're talking MOM FAILS today and let me tell you, I've been SAVING this one just for this post.

If you've missed any other HOW WE posts, this is what we've covered so far...

In January, we shared HOW WE...DO GOALS/RESOLUTIONS.

And last month we discussed HOW WE...TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

I'm not sure if you'd agree, but my mom self has changed a LOT after having four kiddos.  Things that used to bother me don't anymore.  I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never spend weeks leading up to a kiddos' birthday party making the perfect decorations.  I'm not gonna whip out a rainbow cake and icing it with homemade icing is completely out of the question.  I know my limits.  I'm safe and secure on this motherhood journey and there are some skills I just don't possess.

Cue Valentine's Day on the calendar.  :)

And I'm not sure if I ever blogged it but the very first year Ebby Lee was in preschool, I asked Andrea to make a personalized valentine card for her to pass out to her friends.  It said something about "you being the only fish in the sea, Valentine", and I snagged bags of Goldfish crackers on sale.  I attached the card to the bags of goldfish and it was CUTE!  My life is now a bit different and I don't have time to put all that together for one kiddo-let alone four.

I'm just setting the stage for you guys. :)  Now, I take the kiddos to the store, let them pick out their box of valentines, and we address them one day after school.  Easy peasy!

This year, I kept seeing people talk about the amazing valentine boxes at Target.  Well, note to myself and everyone out there...those premade kits sell out EARLY!  Next year, we need to snag those on December 26th!  I took the kiddos to Target the week before Valentine's Day in hopes of getting those premade kits AND some valentines.

We made it to the valentine section and IT WAS ALL PICKED OVER!  There was one.  ONE premade valentine box kit that I snagged for Ebby Lee.  But there was no way I could talk Nixon into it.  We circled the aisle approximately four times before I began nervous laughing while giving Nixon his options.  The premade kit with heart stickers Ebby Lee got, a really ugly white and gold box, or a red metal basket.  I'm laughing because I'm thinking about how far I've come on this motherhood journey.  Personalized cards with a big bag of Goldfish crackers to a metal bucket as an option.

We checked out the valentines and I THOUGHT they all threw a box in the cart.

Nixon's special basket....we grabbed some stickers and that was the plan for him to make his special box.  {I should add that Nixon took it upon himself to ask Marla for help and with her help they turned this basket into a football field.}  My plan was to write, "NIXON", with a black sharpie.

Monday, February 12th, I'm getting all the valentines laid out on the table so they can fill them out when I realize Ebby Lee doesn't have any valentines.  She ends up telling me that she just forgot to get some that day at Target.  WHAT?!!

You guys that aisle was slim pickin's days ago!!  As soon as Tab was home, Ebby Lee and I ran to Walgreens {super close to our house} in hopes of finding some cards that would work.

Here were her options...

Mickey and the Roaster Racers OR Paw Patrol

Look at her face.  hahahaha!

I should report after much digging and some help from a sales associate we found a girl option AND she snagged that box quickly!

We both learned something on the night of February matter how much you're laughing at your brother's choices for valentine boxes, it's important to remember to throw your own valentine cards in the cart AND from now on every year on December 26th, the Slaughters will begin gearing up for Valentine's Day.

I should add-the valentine's Bowen got from Target he loved so much he opened half of them up to play with the toy inside {without me knowing} AND he needed another pack before Valentine's Day.  Sigh.  Lucky for him, I knew just where to find a pack of Paw Patrol valentines.  ;)

Everything turned out just fine, but I was so close to not only one, but THREE major MOM FAILS with these crazy kiddos of mine.  Thankfully, Britt wasn't passing any out this year!

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Next month we're talking about SPRING CLEANING/ORGANIZING!  It's just the motivation I need to get back on my decluttering game!  Hope you join us!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!

I've teamed up with my girls, Andrea and Narci, to host Friday Favorites.

We left town a few days early to get a jump start on Spring Break so I'll be taking a few days off from blogging.  We will be hosting our "How We Wednesday" on Wednesday, the 14th, and the link-ups will be here today and next Friday.  Please join us!  If it's Spring Break in your neck of the woods, I hope you having a RELAXING, FUN week!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Where Are We?

You should follow along on our Spring Break Trip 2018!  We left last night and are spending the week away.  Go see what we're doing and follow along with all the fun...I'm "slaughteren" on Instagram.  :)

Clue #2-It's a MAGICAL place.

***That's all I can say.  I'm already giving too much away!  haha!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What I'm Wearing-Easter Options

When it comes to clothes, I get asked the MOST about dresses.  Since Easter is right around the corner, I thought I'd share some super cute options for Easter, a special occasion, or any given-church-going-Sunday for that matter.

This Flounce Dress would be perfect for Easter Sunday.  It's kind of hard to tell, but navy blue with all the bright colors in the floral makes it cheery and springy.

I've told you before I'm a sucker for a coral dress.  The coral gets me EVERY TIME. This Bell Sleeve Lace option is absolutely perfect for Easter. 

This one needed a little steaming action before a picture.  #sorry

 This shift dress comes in a variety of colors and is crazy comfy!  And similar heels here.

This dress could be dressed up or down.  The grey is a super soft almost-sweatshirt material.  Add some big wedges and statement jewelry for Easter Sunday and some casual flats for a completely different look.

And #wheresthesteamer

These sandals are the perfect addition to this Charles Henry Bell Sleeve Dress.  This one comes in a pretty red as well.

This is the dress that got the most votes for the wedding we attended in February.  It has fun sleeves and is the perfect length for church.

You can shop at ton of other cute options here.

My boys are going to wear the same thing they wore to the wedding for Easter Sunday...these pants, these shirts, and a tie.

Britt is gonna wear one of these Gap dresses...

OR...a hand-me-down from Madeley that's super cute.  :)

Happy Easter Clothes Shopping!  Hope you have the BEST day!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Houston Rodeo

This post could also be titled, "15 Selfies with Tab and Erika".  :)

Last Thursday evening, Tab had a little work event at the Houston Rodeo so we drove down for a quick-less-than-24-hours-overnight trip sans kiddos.

We rolled into town late Thursday afternoon, checked in to our hotel, and made a beeline for the Galleria across the street to grab a coffee and do a little shopping.  {Can you tell that last part was my choice?}

This little area of Houston brings back SO MANY MEMORIES!  When Tab and I were newly married and were living on a tight budget, he had to travel to Houston quite frequently for work.  If my schedule allowed, I'd tag along enjoying the luxury of a nice hotel room, I'd meet Tab for some delicious meals, and I'd stroll through the shops.  At the time, this was the equivalent to taking me to those little huts on the water in Bora Bora.  Seriously!  

It was fun to be back in that little spot again.

We had plans that evening at The Houston Rodeo.

Kind of blurry, but we got ready for a night out!

After this selfie, a super nice guy in the lobby offered to take a picture for us.  ha!

 Lots of you guys asked about my dress.  It comes in a couple other colors as well.  {This is a similar option on sale now.}  And I wish you could see my cowboy boots!  I own one pair of cowboy boots and get to pull them out on rare occasions.  I got mine in 2010 and they're still in great shape!

You Houston folks KNOW a RODEO!  If you remember this from the fall...
We headed to the Mesquite Rodeo for the first time and all six of us fell in love!  I grew up going to rodeos periodically and this took me right back!  The kiddos loved it too.

This Houston Rodeo reminded me of the State Fair of Texas, a rodeo, AND a concert all in one.  This was FUN!

We mingled, met a lot of new people, and enjoyed some delicious barbecue.  Then it was BLAKE SHELTON TIME!

I must tell you I'm not the biggest Blake Shelton fan, BUT he told the crowd that he had the flu.  And I instantly became a fan for life.  The last time I had the flu it was tough to walk from my bed to the bathroom let alone sing, shake my hips a little bit, AND play the guitar?!  No way!

Seriously, I was so impressed he was out there singing.

Not gonna favorite song of the night MIGHT have been "Ol Red".  Do you guys remember that one?  According to the cheers {and the lady next to me dancing CRAZY}, it might have been everyone's favorite.

I'm telling you...Blake had the FLU AND managed a great concert!

Such a great night!

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 a.m. because I think my days of sleeping in are just over.  ha!  And then I had the most delicious breakfast from Adair Kitchen.  I'm pretty sure there was some sort of cream cheese in my hash browns.  I've never really thought about putting cream cheese in hash browns BUT since this breakfast I've thought about it approximately every twenty minutes of my waking hours.  :)

We were back in the car, packed, and heading north by 9:00 a.m.  A super, short trip but it was good for my soul.  A big thank you to the grandparents for holding down the fort at home!

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Answering Beauty Questions

I linked up with The Blended Blog back in the fall for their fall edition of TBB ASKS.  When I saw the BEAUTY Edition....I KNEW I had to join the fun!

I remember when I was younger, my cousin, Whitney, was super into all things make-up, lip gloss, and just any girly product.  I was not into it AT ALL, but MY, oh MY, how the times have changed!  I love trying new beauty make-up, new skin care, and even a new laundry detergent can get me pretty excited.  #andthatssayingsomething

So let's get to it today...

1. Eyelash Curler-Yes or No?

No, I used to use one on the daily, but maybe from Rodan and Fields' Lash Boost or just a better mascara I don't feel like I need to curl them anymore.

This is the one I used.  It's great if you're looking for a good curler.  I'm pretty sure Shay recommended it years ago!  And if you're like me, I always get my best recommendations from my girlfriends {and blog readers!!}.

2. Favorite Nail Shade?

I just shared this one with you yesterday, but spring has me in the mood for this one...

3. Favorite Lipstick Shade?

This past fall/winter I became the biggest fan of Bobbi Brown's Rum Raisin.

It's the perfect shade for fall/winter months.  I'm on the look out for a more "springy" color {that also makes my teeth appear whiter than they really are}.  If you have any recommendations, PLEASE share!

4.  Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair?

 dry shampoo in between washes so it allows me to only wash my hair about twice a week.  Blow drying isn't so bad when I only have to do it twice a week. 

5. Artificial Nails-yes or no?

I love getting a gel manicure.  My nails will look great for two weeks, BUT the problem is I do not like wasting an hour every other week sitting there getting my nails done.  SO...I'm gonna go with no artificial nails...just real.  I can paint them easily at home and I like my nails to be crazy short so I can keep that just like I like it too.

6.  Foundation-yes or no?

If I'm wearing make-up, yes!  I'm wearing foundation.  This is my foundation of choice right now....

7.  Hair Up or Hair Down?

That depends what my day looks like.  If I'm at home, running errands, and that kind of thing...then it's probably going up.  If I have a date night planned, then I'll wear it down.

8.  Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Body wash ALL THE WAY!  I've been using this shower gel and am almost out.  :(

9.  Bath or Shower?

It depends on my need...if I really need to get super clean, then shower ALL THE WAY.  If I'm escaping the crazy and relaxing for a few minutes, then a bath!

10.  Favorite Body Lotion?

Around the holidays I listened to the Big Boo podcast where they talked about Christmas gifts.  Did you listen to that one?  They had some fun ideas!  And I ended up ordering the Hummingbird Farms lotion set as a gift AND one for myself.

This lavender lotion is my favorite at the moment.  I love the smell of lavender.  {I think because it reminds me of a spa...ha!}

11.  Do you wear perfume?  If so, what's your favorite scent?

I'm gonna be the first to tell you-I have a super sensitive sense of smell.  I feel strongly about how things smell.  With that said, I love a good smelling strong smell just as much as I dislike the nasty scents.  I also am someone who gets to immune to smells pretty quickly.  That perfume I use daily-I eventually stop being able to smell it.  And I don't like that!  So, I began buying Jo Malone's gift sets.  At certain times during the year, the sets can include five different perfumes.  They're easy to take on trips, throw into your gym bag, or keep in your bathroom for daily use.
All of the scents are very fresh to me.

12.  Do you shave your legs everyday?

No way!

13.  Favorite Lip Balm?
This Rose Salve is probably my favorite.  It's inexpensive, works super well, and is easy to throw in any bag or purse.

14. How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?

I think I was in sixth grade when I first started.  {And you can imagine I was an absolute MESS!!}  I think in seventh grade it began looking much better.

What about you?  Do you have any beauty products you absolutely love?  If so, please share!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

Hey, Hey Friday!

I hope everyone has had a good week.  Typically, on Fridays-I team up with Narci and Andrea to share a hot, random mess of my FAVORITES.  We're still teaming up and would LOVE for you to link up with us.  I just have a very small post of FAVORITES for you.

I accompanied my FAVORITE guy on an overnight work trip yesterday.  You can see what we did last night over on Instagram {"slaughteren"}.  I'm hoping I get to sleep late this morning before we make our way back to McKinney.

If you missed my post yesterday, please go check it out!  I'm talking about one of my FAVORITE things and I'd love to hear your recommendations.  Then I have an epic science experiment planned to find the VERY BEST and I'm hoping it's life-changing.  ;)

Have you guys made Shay's Candied Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage Balls?  If you haven't, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and get to the store.  Our Bible Fellowship Group at church had a girls' social and I made these for the get together.  I doubled the recipe so I had quite a few leftover and I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I scrambled up some eggs, topped the eggs with my FAVORITE truffle salt, and enjoyed some of these sausage balls!  A FAVORITE breakfast and lunch over here!  The meal was so good I'm STILL thinking about it.

You guys!  I've gotta tell you-Celebrity Big Brother started out super rocky for me, but I think it got way better.  Ross was my absolute FAVORITE in the house, but I was happy with the turnout.  What'd you think?

This FAVORITE two-year-old of mine has been with us for NINE MONTHS!  I shared a little update earlier this week.  We've come such a long way, friends.

This nail polish has been on repeat lately.  I think it screams, "MARCH!!!", so it's a new FAVORITE. 

That's all I have for today, ladies.  Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

And please link up with us below.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Calling All Experts...

If this could be you, then you're EXACTLY who I need to be reading here today.  :)

Hi Friends!

I'm on the hunt, on a MISSION!  A mission to find THE VERY BEST DRY SHAMPOO.  After super preliminary trials, and by this I mean living my best life with the use of dry shampoo, I know what brand I would choose as my favorite.  But I've never really compared apples to apples.  I've never taken pictures and shown my proof.  You guys!  It's like my ninth grade science project all over again, but this time the results are gonna be life changing.  Well, as life-changing as those extra minutes of sleeping in can be.  I mean the best hair days due to the BEST DRY SHAMPOO could be life changing.  Right?  At this moment, I don't even remember which laundry detergent was less flame retardant.  I typically buy my laundry detergent by how well it gets out stains AND the smell.  My ninth grade self has no clue.  BUT, this science experiment will be different.

Dry shampoo is making dreams last longer.  Am I right?  

It's my mission to find you THE VERY BEST DRY SHAMPOO on the market!  

Here are some things I'll be taking into consideration...

*How it leaves my hair feeling (by touching it)
*How it leaves my hair looking (still dirty, super clean, etc.)
*How long it keeps my hair looking good in between washes

My plan is to spread this project out until I've had a chance to use all the different dry shampoo brands in between hair washings.  I'll blog it all, score the products, and hopefully deliver the results sooner rather than later.

This is where I need YOUR help.  I know you guys are passionate about dry shampoo.  I'd LOVE for you to share YOUR FAVORITE DRY SHAMPOO BRAND with me OR maybe you keep hearing about a certain brand and you'd love me to review it.  Just send me your recommendations!  I contemplated ordering a ton from Amazon and giving them all a shot, but decided I wanted to get my list from you. 

I'm telling you, girls!  I hoping to give you some extra minutes to your night by finding THE BEST DRY SHAMPOO.

I hope after this experiment we all feel a little more rested.  

PLEASE help me out and share a DRY SHAMPOO brand you'd love me to review.

I'm hoping to have some life-changing results with you soon.  Thanks, girls!