Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Just like every mom out there, I'm trying to remind my kiddos to use their manners, we're working on math facts, learning our letters, and the list goes on and on.  All the while...I try to do the best I can to plan fun events and special happenings for our family.  When our kiddos are all grown, I want them to remember these extra fun things we did each season just to make life a little more grand.  These do not have to be expensive or super thought out by any means.  My kiddos are absolutely stoked if we have a movie night WITH popcorn and I have no doubts they'll remember those just as much as the things we do that cost money.  

I'm sure this list looks like almost every other family's for the fall season, but it's FALL WEEK on the blog.  I wanted to make sure to include the things we'll do this season to make it special...

*Halloween Parties
From preschool to Sunday School to neighborhood parties, we try to hit up as many Halloween parties as we can for two reasons.  Number one they're just plain fun and number two because we like to get as much wear out of our Halloween costumes as possible.  ;)  The party pictured above is our annual Sunday School party for our adult group.  Every year, Andrea reserves this big barn/park area and rents a bounce house.  We all bring slow cookers full of yummy fall food, the kiddos all show off their costumes, and we visit.  It's a great time.  If you're the social person for your Sunday School class or neighborhood or something, consider this party idea as your fall social option!

This is a new one I'm adding to our Fall Bucket List.  I decided on a whim we should give the Mesquite Rodeo a try and I'm so glad we did.  We had a GREAT time!  The arena was air conditioned so it felt great inside.  We were up close to the action so my kiddos were tuned in the entire time.  And they just loved it.  I grew up going to some small town country rodeos, so the rodeo took me WAY back.  :)

The Texas State Fair is something my kids talk about all year long.  I don't even bat an eye if they randomly start talking about something and mention Big Tex (He's the big talking mechanical statue guy at the fair).  It's super normal around our house.  We love everything about the fair...the food, the rides, the lights, the crowd.  (Except that one time our stroller was stolen-we didn't love that.)

*Make Smores
And I'm a peanut butter/chocolate girl so I love to substitute the Hershey's for a good ole' Reese's Cup.  You can thank me later for that idea.  ha!

*Scary Movie Night
And by "SCARY" movie...I mean something released by Disney like Hocus Pocus.  ;)

This picture is a couple years old, but let's face it...I'll never be able to top those expressions with another trick-or-treating picture.  Right?!  Every year we meet up with friends and trick-or-treat in our local neighborhoods.  We love this tradition.

*Birthday Parties
I'm saying "PartIES" because this sweet thing has a fall birthday too...
We'll be celebrating Britt turning TWO in the middle of November and then we'll party hard when Bowen turns FIVE at the end of the month.

In the fall, you can guarantee I'll always have the three ingredients at my house needed for these muffins.  The kiddos and I love these on a cool crisp fall morning.

*Sit Around the Fire
A camp fire just screams FALL to me.  Granted, our fire will be in a little fire pit in the back yard but it still gives off the fall vibes.  Right?

*Pumpkin Patch
These cuties and I will make sure we find a patch and pick some pumpkins.  Bonus points if the patch has a hayride.  ;)

*Football Game
Since Nixon was born, I've tried my best to travel with the kids and attend one of Tab's games every year.  I'm not sure it's happened every single year but we've gotten close.  Last year, we loaded up and made it to the West Point game.  I was just telling Tab last week there's no way we'll ever be able to top that.  That long weekend in New York City in the fall was unbelievable.  BUT...we'll do our best to make it happen.

I think this list sums up what we'll be doing this season.  What about you?

Have a GREAT day!  XO

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A SPECIAL Tuesday Talk

Happy Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This is one of my favorite days of the month...the third Tuesday of each month, Fancy Ashley and I host a link-up called Tuesday Talk.  It's super open-ended.  You can chat about ANYTHING, ask for ideas, share your thoughts, show us a new room, highlight new scarves, or more.  The topic is up to you.  We invite you to join us by adding your blog to the link-up at the bottom of the post.

Since Friday is THE FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF FALL I thought I'd declare this FALL WEEK over here at A Little Bit of Everything.  Yesterday, I showed you how our house is all FALL ready.  And today, I thought we'd talk about our FAVORITE FALL LOOKS.  Nordstrom reached out and asked if I'd be interested in highlighting some of my favorite FALL finds with you.  I have a new FALL look that I've been dying to share and then a few of my FALL go-to's to throw in as well.

But first I must tell you why it's a SPECIAL TUESDAY TALK, because Ashley and I are giving away TWO $100 NORDSTROM GIFT CARDS.  One for YOU (the winner) and one $100 Nordstrom gift card for you to gift to a friend.  Hopefully, you can spend it on some new FALL finds.  Simply enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.  We'll be randomly selecting a winner and announcing on Monday.  Good luck, everyone! (The giveaway isn't sponsored by Nordstrom.)

Now it's time for some FALL FAVORITES FINDS...

First up is this new FALL look...I've been seeing these bomber jackets all over and knew I'd like to give one a try.  I ordered two and to be honest, really like them both.  I need to choose a favorite though...let me know what you think.   I'm wearing a stripe shirt (Online it recommends ordering a size down.  I don't recommend that), army green bomber jacket (I'm wearing a small but for a longer length I'd size up), tassel earrings (come in three other colors-I have the wine), raw hem jeans (true to size), and booties.

Or in this look, I'm wearing the same stripe shirt, champagne green bomber jacket (you guys this JUST sold out.  I'll be watching it and let you know if it comes back in stock.  It's a brand I've never tried before but you can see other items here), earrings, jeans, and booties.  Which one is your favorite?  I'm loving this fall's the "bomb".  Right?  #CHEESY  
I couldn't resist.  :)

You can see lots of other bomber jacket options here.

When we're talking FALL, it's practically impossible for me to post with out mentioning scarves, sweaters, or plaid shirts.  Those three all scream FALL to me!

This plaid shirt (this one just sold out as well-I'm so sorry-but again, I'll keep you posted.  This option is by the same brand and is that same comfy plaid) with the fun sleeves is perfect for this time of year!  Again, paired with same jeans, earrings, and booties.

I threw on this tie bell sleeve's a light sweater so it works for cooler days here in Texas.  Even though the picture looks like it's swallowing my hand, let me guarantee you it wasn't. haha!  I just noticed that after I had this entire post finished!  I think due to the bell sleeves-they're longer but not a crazy long length.

And then the sweater with this scarf.  Love the plaid for FALL!

I was gonna stop there and be all finished but I'm throwing this top in because HOLY CUTENESS!  I ordered it on a whim but loved the's a light weight top, has a fun neckline, and fitted sleeves.  Another perfect FALL find!  This one comes in six colors...I ordered the red because copper was out in my size at the moment but now it's back in stock!

You can shop all the looks I shared today here...

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As always please add your blog to the link-up.  Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Peek Inside...

Do you guys know what Friday is?


I'm a girl who is a big fan of all four seasons.

I absolutely LOVE the major schedules, staying up way past our bedtimes, meals made on the grill, and days spent pool side are some of my absolute favorites but when school is back in session I begin thinking of everything fall.

I start craving the crisp fall mornings, all the pumpkins, and layers of clothing (we still have some time on this one here in Texas).  So while I was home bound helping Britt recover, I invited my favorite fall decorator over to help.  Marla (my mother-in-law) to the rescue!  

We whipped my house into FALL shape!  Here's a little peek inside...

(Let me add-the lighting is pretty awful.  I tried to steer clear of areas with full-blown sunlight, but our house gets a lot of sunlight.)

Marla outdid herself this time and we found ourselves moving furniture around just to give three rooms a new look.

A closer look at the front room fireplace...

I love the way this mantel turned out...pumpkins, cotton, and leaves!

The living room is a much more casual room.  As much as I want the pillows to all stay neat, tidy, and in place, I want this to be a space my family finds comfy and cozy.  Marla and I found that moose and knew it would be perfect on this mantel.  

 Some pumpkin pillows with a plaid throw (and a whole lot of baby toys).  :)

I try to stick to more "fall" decor...not necessarily "Halloween" so I can keep it up until I change it out for Christmas.  I decided to keep the Halloween decor to just this one spot so I'll just switch this area out when Halloween is over.  

I'm by no means an interior decorator, but I think it's important and just plain fun to add seasonal touches throughout our house.  And drinking from those pumpkin mugs just makes me happy.

Here's to hoping the weather cooperates and sends a little "FALL" our way.  XO