Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Adoption Update-Eight Months

I can't even believe it.  Eight months have passed since we brought our Britt Bradford home.

Eight amazing months.

Eight months where we have felt God's presence more than ever.

I couldn't love this quote more.  Prior to adoption, I remember being worried and praying about having an immediate connection with her.  I wanted to get her and instantly feel love.  I wasn't sure if it would work like that, but let me tell you God answered this prayer.  They placed her in my arms and she had my heart.

 This was a big month for our girl.  This month she graduated from occupational/physical therapy!  Which is AWESOME!  They basically said she was all caught up.  Our plan is to check in once every month or two to make sure we're still on track, but we're so thankful Britt is caught up at the moment.  She's walking, stacking blocks, climbing stairs, and more.  She's even attempting to run and jump, which is adorable to watch because her little body doesn't leave the ground.

She's still going to speech therapy weekly where we're hoping she starts using more words.  Since she's the fourth kiddo, a lot of her speech delays are highly related to her siblings doing whatever she wants for her without her having to speak.  You guys know what I mean?  She points and makes a little grunt and three people jump up to get it.  We're trying to stop that so she has to talk, but it's a hard habit to break.

Her hair is growing like crazy.  See the proof?!  

When it comes to eating, Britt prefers all of my favorites and by that I'm talking carbs and cheese.  haha!  She can eat anything and everything.  She is not a fan of meat.  She likes eggs, pasta, rice, cheese, and bananas the most.  She can now drink from a straw like a BOSS!  She prefers to use a fork when she eats but she still digs in with her hands as well.  

She's had a lot of adventures over the last few months....her first Thanksgiving, her first trip to Missouri, her first Christmas, her first LONG road trip to Atlanta, and her first ski trip.  And she handled it like a champ.  She knows her people and as long as she's with her people, she's good.

Britt can be both sweet and spicy....seriously, she walked into the kitchen the other day and just hugged my legs and walked out.  So sweet!  But two seconds later, Bowen got too close to her face and she swatted him.  Very spicy!  {We're working on this, by the way!}

This girl has stolen our hearts in such big, big ways.  Adoption is amazing.  I can't say it enough.

We couldn't love this girl more if we tried.

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I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who were praying for us along this journey.  And for those of you who are still praying.  God has had his hand in every step of this journey.  I'm so very thankful he chose us as Britt's forever family. 

If adoption is on your heart, please know I'm praying for you.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk-Key Fobs

Hey Friends!

Today is one of my favorite's Tuesday Talk, the day Fancy Ashley and I team up and invite you to join us by talking about anything and everything under the sun. 

I love love love getting your thoughts and opinions on things so I've been thinking about this topic for a while.

I'm gonna ask the question, set the stage, and then ask it one more time.

*Where do you put your key fob in your car while you're driving?*

-Is it on the console?
-Is it in your pocket?
-Is it in your purse?

PLEASE let me know where you think that little car starter needs to go.

A little background for my question...last year when I got a new car, it came with the key fob that starts the whole thing.  {I'd never experienced this whole starting without turning a key before.}  When I drive, I always put the keys in the middle console.  It's what I started doing and it helps me not lose my keys.

When Tab drives my car, he always puts my keys in his pocket.  Which is delightful and totally works for him EXCEPT when we're going somewhere together and then I take the car somewhere.  It's happened three times over the last few months and not too long ago it happened again.  We went to grab dinner on a week night and then I had a meeting right after so Tab drove home.  He hopped out with the kids and I switched to the driver seat and drove off.  My meeting was about thirty minutes away and when I got there I tried to grab my keys from the console but THEY WEREN'T THERE!  They were in Tab's pocket in our house THIRTY MINUTES away.  I couldn't go into my meeting because if I turned my car off, then it wouldn't restart because I didn't have the key!

I'm telling you guys it's happened enough times Tab finally said that I should ask the blog world where they put their key fob.  He clearly believes you're gonna say you're pocket and he's confident.  haha!  I'm BEGGING you to say the console.  haha!  But, I want you to be honest.  PLEASE PLEASE help us end this debate.  What do you do with your key fob in your car?  Where does it go?  Is there some special magical place in your car I don't know about?

And sidenote-yes, my car makes a very light, tiny ding if I drive off and it doesn't detect the key.  If I have the kiddos in the car with me, there's no way I'm hearing that little ding.  My car is loud, people.  Four kids?!  Right?  And if I'm alone, I always turn my music up loud so again...don't hear the ding.  I'd prefer my emergency lights to come on and my car to start honking.  Now that would get my attention.  :)

I love making these Tuesday Talks interactive.  If you have a question or something you'd like us to address here on Tuesday Talk, please send it over {}.  And again PLEASE share where you put that little key fob.

I'll keep you posted with the results!

Thanks, ladies!

Happy Tuesday!  XO

Monday, January 15, 2018

Breckenridge Getaway

Good Morning {or Good Afternoon depending on when you read}!!

Our kiddos are out of school today and we're having a laid back day before our week gets started.

You should grab a BIG cup of coffee for this post.  I've loaded it down with pictures. :)

I think I mentioned here before but when it comes to bowl games the officials find out two to three weeks prior to their game that they in fact have a game!  :)  Tab and I looked at our calendar back in November and knew we wanted to try to take the kids on a ski trip this year.  Last year, everyone had so much fun.  We looked at the bowl possibilities and scheduled flights for January 3rd to head to Denver and then on to Breckenridge.  So that explains our crazy less then 24 hour turnaround from Atlanta to McKinney to Denver.  :)

We got home around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening.  Pretty much dumped out all our suitcases, washed what we REALLY needed, and repacked.  It was chaotic, crazy, and exactly how our life with four kiddos can be a majority of the time.  ha!  

Our flight left BRIGHT AND EARLY at 6:55 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  We were all exhausted and napped on the plane.  I'm talking mouth open, head back, we were OUT!  We pulled into Denver, grabbed our rental, and headed straight for the mountains.

We were all so excited because LOOK WHO WE MET UP WITH...

They had planned to be in Aspen after Christmas and we asked them to join us in Breckenridge for a couple more days of fun.  They're always down for an adventure so they changed their plans to join us!  We're SO glad they did!

The dads and oldest boys hit the slopes while the rest of us grabbed a nice lunch, walked around a bit to check out the town, and then headed back to the hotel to rest.

These two made a little fort in my room.  My heart was swelling at this point.  I remember going on vacations with family and friends.  It's one thing to have fun in your town, but it's a completely different thing to make special memories with your people on vacation.

The first evening we hit up The Blue Stag Saloon for dinner.  They don't take reservations so we hung out outside around the fire pit while we waited for our table.  Britt is showing me her mean face.  The first day I could not for the life of me find her big coat.  I kept layering her in other people's clothes so she wasn't cold, but wearing your sisters' pullover that's six sizes too big isn't ideal.  Maybe that's why she was giving me this face?

Sidenote, I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered I'd grabbed it on the way out the door and zipped it in an outside pocket of our suitcase.  Yes, at 2:00 a.m. that was my thought.  Sigh.

The Slaughter kiddos were still recovering from travel...wait for it...

He took a little snooze while we waited.  haha!  And Ashby rested up for dinner too.

This was my favorite meal.  I loved the laid-back atmosphere.  The food was delicious and the decor was everything you'd imagine in Colorado.  And we see you Britt.  ;)

The next morning the oldest five of us got up and headed to the mountain.  I kept going back and forth about just completely not skiing or getting childcare for Britt.  And I just couldn't make up my mind.  I thought I had a friend of a friend set to watch her and that fell through so I was all over the place.  When Shay heard this, she insisted they keep her so we could all ski.  Their plan for the day was to check out the town so they loaded up two strollers and did just that.  I'm so so thankful they had her.  After breakfast, renting my ski stuff, and getting us all ready we didn't hit the bottom lift until about 9:00 and it was INSANELY full.  The lines were long and hardly moving.  We should have gotten up an hour earlier!

See what I mean??

There's Bowen :)

Last year over Spring Break, we took the kiddos skiing for the first time and when we left that trip I felt like we had three little skiers on our hands.  This time we didn't sign them up for ski school.  We decided we'd do some easy greens together and the plan worked out perfectly!

We made it on!  We spent the morning doing easy greens and working on our skills.  And by skills I mean Ebby Lee and I did our best to not fall getting on or off the chair lift.  hahaha!  Nixon was riding with us the majority of the time and he'd get SO mad {and super embarrassed} every time we crashed getting off the lift.  But then we'd ski great down the mountain.  #gofigure

Tab would literally pick Bowen up and ski off the lift with him.  Well, mama doesn't have those kinds of skills so Bowen had to stick with Tab on the lifts.

 I tried my best to stop "the pizza" but I prefer it.  #oneday

 This cutie picked it right back up and was good to go!

This spot was a little bit sloped and I wish we would have been videoing how long it took us all to stop moving and get remotely close for a family picture.  If you look closely, Tab has a grip on Ebby Lee's jacket to keep her from sliding backwards.

We stopped for lunch on the mountain and then did an easy blue before Ebby Lee and I called it day!

The guys kept going, but we grabbed Britty and showered up for dinner.

I need a lesson on where to look in selfies.  haha!  This day we were celebrating sweet Ashby's Gotcha Day!  I'm sure you've read all about that sweet girly from Shay's perspective, but let me tell you as a friend...everything she says rings true.  Ashby is sweet, tough, always ready for fun, and absolutely full of JOY!

We had reservations at Hearthstone Restaurant for dinner.  Because we were a big ole' party of twelve, we had our own little private room which was FUN!  And I didn't even know I was a fan of wild mushroom soup, but I'm leader of the Wild Mushroom Fan Club after this spot.  It was delicious!

 Friday morning we bid the Shull crew farewell.  They left for the airport and we headed out for breakfast at The Blue Moose.

We found ways to entertain ourselves while we waited for our yummy breakfast.

Did someone say they were cold?  I know it wasn't this girl.  haha!  Her side eye is too much.

On Friday, the boys hit the slopes while the girls went shopping.

Our hotel was on one end of the main street and the gondola was on the other end so we took our time walking down to the gondola, rode it up to the top to check out the scenery, and then came back down.

We got the call from Tab saying Bowen was done for the day so we walked over to grab Bowen and then all warmed up with Mexican food at Mi Casa.  This was our view from the table.

Their side of the table.  :)

My side of the table. :)

After lunch we walked over to the Mountaintop Children's Museum.  If you're in Breckenridge with littles or even littles that need a break from the mountain, I highly recommend it.  There were different stations set up...arts and crafts, doctor's office, puppets, stage area with costumes, and a whole lot more.

You took your shoes off at the door which was great because everything in the museum appeared super clean. The only negative {in my opinion} was you also didn't wear shoes in the bathroom and that was ick to me.

We played for two hours because the place was closing or they would have stayed ALL day!

We walked over to grab the boys and I bumped into these girls!  Hillary (in the middle) is one of Shay's friends from growing up and we follow each other on social media.  I feel like I know her family so it was exciting bumping into her.  

Our neighbor, Meagan, recently moved to Denver and she happened to be in Breckenridge for the day.  We met up with her for a quick hug.  It was great seeing her.  She moved this summer and we've missed her face.

Then we walked to meet up with some other McKinney peeps for dinner.

 A quick selfie on the way to dinner.

This is one of Nixon's closest friends from school.  His family was in Colorado too so we joined them for a yummy pizza dinner at Fatty's Pizzeria.  It was delicious!

Then we enjoyed the arcarde Downstair's at Eric's.

-where we spent way too much money on these claw machines and only left with a tiny purple ball.  ha!

On the walk back to our hotel, we stopped for a picture.

Right after that picture a group of about eight high school senior boys asked us to take their picture.  We asked where they were from and they said, "McKinney".  We all screamed and jumped around.  If you were watching, people probably thought we were nuts.  We asked if they go to our local high school and they responded with another McKinney high school and it was the funniest thing.  Then we were booing at each other {all in good fun, of course}.

My dinosaur fan needed a picture by this little raptor.

Nixon and Tab got up early on Saturday to hit the slopes one more time.

They hit up a black and I was so thankful I wasn't with them.  haha!

Saturday, Ebby Lee, Britt, Bowen, and I were super lazy in the morning.  We packed up our room, loaded the rental, checked out, and waited for the boys to finish skiing.

We found a cute little bakery where everyone had a yummy treat.

These two had a cupcake and were BIG FANS!

We found a spot fireside with checkers and kicked back for a few minutes.

Once again, this girl was a trooper!

We grabbed the boys and made the drive to Denver.  We had an early flight on Sunday morning and made a reservation close to the airport for Saturday night.  {I'm talking 5:00 a.m. flight!  EEK!}

Someone requested a picture at 4:00 a.m. next to this reindeer.

 I felt like I was gonna fall asleep standing up but these two had some energy. haha!

Britt thought she was big stuff hanging in her own seat on the way home.

And then all six of us did that whole open-mouth-head-back-really-good-nap thing on the flight home. I woke up on the descent.  I call that winning.

We made it back to our house by 9:30 a.m. and we all took killer naps.  On the drive home, Tab and I were talking about how traveling with four kiddos isn't always easy but we have only ten more years before kiddos start going off to college.  It's so important to us to make these special family memories and show our kiddos things before they're off in the real world.

We packed a whole lotta fun into just a few days, but we had the BEST time kicking off 2018 in the mountains!  It was a blast vacationing with the Shulls and meeting up with other McKinney friends as well.

And if you made it to the end of this post...THANK YOU for reading!

Tomorrow if our Tuesday Talk link-up!  We'd love for you to join!

Have a GREAT day!  XO