Thursday, March 22, 2018

Disney Land and Sea Vacation Part 3...

Hey Everyone!

These recaps are seriously making me want to book another trip ASAP!  If you missed it, I've been recapping our FRAMILY Disney Land and Sea Vacation with the Shull family.  

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can read those to get all caught up.
Monday morning we woke up in the BAHAMAS!
This girl was READY for some water slides. 

Sometimes waiting in line is HARD when you're five.  This is proof.  :)

We arrived at The Atlantis Resort with a fun day full of dark clouds.  Womp.  Womp.

We tried our best to push through but we with teeth chattering and bodies covered in goosebumps we thought we should take a little break.

We headed inside for a nice, WARM lunch.

We had great seats parked right by the kiddie area.  

After lunch, the sun peeked out and the big kiddos got to enjoy the slides.

My phone was in the locker so not any action shots of kiddos.  :(

We caught the last shuttle leaving the Atlantis and made it back just in time.

Our dinner on night two was at Tiana's Place, a New Orleans' themed restaurant where Tiana herself happened to pop in to greet us. 

Britty was lookin' all sorts of cute in her Matilda Jane and crooked headband.  ha!  Know why she's smiling?  Night #2 of a macaroni and cheese dinner.  ;)

I realize you can't see really any part of it, but my dress this night was from Landry Kate Boutique in downtown McKinney.  They also have a website.  I think this particular dress is sold out, but their site is full of cute things.

Tiana herself came right over to thank us for coming to her place.  Then the band played a special song and everyone limbo'd.

We had a blast with Shay and Andrew.

Ready for the show on Night #2...Disney Dreams.  This show is about a girl who after getting tucked into bed gets visited by a fairy and then Peter Pan.  They have a night full of meeting all different kinds of people from genies to princesses and more.  It's a really cute show and kept us all entertained.

Britt was a big fan too!

I could not believe this girl hung for most of the day without a nap AND stayed up for the entire show!

Tuesday morning we awoke to Castaway Cay, Disney's very own private island, in the distance.  {And sunny skies which we were SO pumped about!}

Absolutely gorgeous!

The views from our balcony.  :)

We got off the ship early to grab a great spot and rode the little shuttle to Stop Number Two {near the kiddie play area}.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Castaway Cay...our ship the Wonder.

It was Miss Britt's first time in the ocean, first time at the beach, and first time in the sand.

Getting some sun with my favorite guy. {Please excuse the people in the background...ha!}

I'm telling you...this beach day was absolutely perfect!

Britt was a little unsure, but she warmed up to the whole...we're walking around on tiny bits of dirt thing.  Her cute suit is Matilda Jane.  On this day, I wrapped her up in a towel and she napped on a chair.  Aren't naps on the beach the BEST?

Shay and I both brought a big pack of sand toys and just left them at this beach.  I'd highly recommend doing that!

Someone else was FEELING the relaxation too.  ;)

We geared up for PIRATE NIGHT that evening.  We were back at Tiana's Place {on the four night cruises, everyone has dinner at two restaurants once-because they have three on the ship} but it was a completely different vibe due to PIRATE NIGHT!

Isn't Madeley the CUTEST pirate?

Once again, she's smiling because she knows she's about to get a plate full of macaroni and cheese.  

Have you EVER seen pirates cuter than this??

The show on Night #3 was my least was a special guest magician/comedian.  Right after the show, we headed to the deck for the PIRATE PARTY!

Can you spot my two girlies dancing?

Minnie and friends showed up to get the party started.

After a few minutes of singing and dancing, Captain Hook and his friends come out and "take over".  Then Mickey zip lines in to save the day and the fireworks go off.  It's MAGICAL!

Absolutely MAGICAL.  :)

And then we headed to our rooms to CRASH.  haha!  SO MUCH FUN in one day!

If you've missed Part 1 or Part 2 of the recaps, you can read those to catch up on all our fun.  And don't forget if you'd like help planning your very own Disney World, Disney Cruise, or Disney Land and Sea Vacation, please reach out to us.  We'd love to help!  Send us an e-mail to and we'll get some information sent over as soon as possible.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Disney Land and Sea Vacation Part 2...


I'm back with Part 2 of our EPIC Disney Land and Sea Vacation Recap.  If you missed the first post, you can read all about the fun we had at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.  To catch you up to speed, my family of six along with the Shull party of six just got back from a week's worth of fun combining Disney World WITH a Disney Cruise.  It was an absolutely magical trip!

On Saturday morning we headed to EPCOT!

Our first stop was Spaceship Earth with these two crazies.  :)

I wish you could see this picture better, but the picture they took in the little cart has me with my mouth open like I'm screaming!  What was I doing??

Right after that, we popped over to meet Mickey and his friends.  Most of the group was excited to see him...

I've NEVER seen Britt move faster IN MY LIFE!  She was SPEEDY getting away from Mickey!  We decided the characters just weren't her thing. #dontyouagree

*Sidenote-I've talked to a LOT of families who mention they have a kiddo who is scared of characters, or not into characters.  I'm here to tell you Britt was terrified, but it wasn't a big deal AT ALL.  I didn't force anything.  I just held her while the rest of the crew introduced themselves.  And if I wouldn't have had other kiddos, we would have just skipped this area.  Disney World is ALL THE THINGS...there are rides, characters, shows, parades, can easily steer clear of one entire aspect of the parks if it'd be better for your family.  Just wanted to add that. :)

This spot in Epcot is a great one to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.  They took plenty of time with our kiddos and we got some great pictures.

This picture reminded me so much of this one from years before....{where is Bowen?}

Then we let everyone run off some energy at this cute little playground.

Someone thought she was BIG STUFF hanging with those big kiddos.

I think I've shared before how my big kiddos are super helpful when it comes to Britt.  While I was watching them play, I saw this.  Ebby Lee is like a second mama to Britt.  She is so sweet with her.

And even more proof.  :)  

We stopped in Mexico for chips, guacamole, and salsa and it was DELICIOUS!!!

Then it was time for the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride in Mexico.

My favorite thing about this ride was our entire crew all fit in a boat, which is rare when there are twelve in your party!  And #nowait.

Then we headed to Norway!  You guys!  I think every adult had a "moment" while we were on this trip about these sweet girls being here with us.  We don't take that for granted for a second.  We serve a BIG, BIG God who knew that crazy crew of ten needed them.  Do these cuties look pumped to be ready for the Frozen ride?


This Frozen ride did NOT disappoint!

I was a big fan, and please note...Britt is waving to Ana. 

We did a little shopping before moving on to the next country.

CHINA!!  I can't believe I don't have a single picture.  Shay and I tried to take different pictures and I think she has all of those.  :)

Next stop was Germany, where this group of guys was playing a random assortment of buckets, drums, and more.  We were feeling the beat and chilled for a bit to watch.

Nixon and Smith even got in on the action.

In Germany we had lunch reservations at the Biergarten Restaurant.  You can see the stage on the right of the picture.  There are shows scheduled from lunch to dinner time where someone performs.  It was GREAT and so cute!  We feasted on a buffet of ALL THE GERMAN food.  I LOVED it!  I'm a big fan of sauerkraut so anytime I can have that...I'm a happy girl.  :)

I'm telling you...super cute restaurant.

Miss Britt had enough fun and was wiped.  This is what Britt and Madeley did daily.  We didn't go back for naps.  They just fell asleep in the stroller or while being held and would nap.  Those fourth kiddos are so different.  Shay and I were laughing about how Ebby Lee and Kensington would have needed a sound machine, their special blanket, their favorite animal, and on and on.  Not those two.  

I should have taken a picture but we had the MOST delicious fish and chips in England.  The next time you head to Epcot, HAVE THESE.  Even if you're not hungry, get them anyway.  And you can thank me when you get back.  ;)

Then Shay and I hung with the littles while the rest of the crew waited in line for Soarin'.  While in line...
Bowen lost TWO TEETH!  Not one, friends.  TWO!  How does that even happen?  The guys texted us to let us know and the "tooth fairy" hit up a store to leave a Disney World toy on his pillow the next morning.  

Our dinner reservations were for one of my favorite places...Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.
The big boys were too cool {I legit think they went to the bathroom while we were taking a picture with Belle.  GREAT planning on their part}.  Britt managed one picture, and toward the end Bowen was too tired to keep getting up and down out of his seat.  haha!

And at the end of the night, we made our way back to the bus stop.

Sunday, we woke up ready for our Disney Cruise!!

We wasted no time getting beach ready.  ;)

My cruise get-up for the day...cover-up, hat, and sandals.

Just look how much they've grown!

Same spot just two years later.

Welcome to our stateroom...we had a Deluxe Family Stateroom with a Verandah.  To save a little money, instead of Shay getting two rooms and us getting two rooms, we got three total.  We put an adult from each family and the big girls in the extra stateroom. {for booking purposes so we could split the room cost right down the middle}  This room happened to be right in between the other two.  The dads took turns staying with the big girls.  It worked perfectly!  For families out there with more than three kiddos, it was super easy!  We linked my credit card to my guests and Shay's card to her guests.  Super easy!

The view from the other side of the room.  Disney Cruise does an amazing job of accommodating guests.  At night our room attendant would come in and turn that couch into a bottom bunk and pull the top bunk out of the wall.  Then as soon as we left in the morning he'd come in and turn it back into a sitting area.

Someone slept through the entire lifeboat drill.  ;)

We headed back up to the main deck for the Sail Away Party!

Mickey and friends were all there!

We got cleaned up quickly for our first dinner.

I know you can hardly see my shoes, but I'm wearing those wedges everyone is talking about.  If you've been on the fence, you should try them.  They're comfy, cute, and under $80!  And Ebby Lee's shoes are pretty cute too.

Our first restaurant was Animator's Palate.  It was my favorite on our last cruise.  {We cruised on a different ship two years ago, but they had an Animator's Palate as well.}  They've changed it up a bit and instead of the entire restaurant going from black/white to color they showed a how-characters-are-created-video mid-dinner and had a little show.  Super cute!

Love this guy so much!

My dress is from meandmrsjonesboutique in downtown McKinney, but they do have a website.

This girlie was living her best life....macaroni and cheese every night!

This is how my night began.  HOLY YUM!!!  I can't remember the exact name but it was some sort of truffle pasta and it was DELICIOUS!

As soon as the kiddos were finished eating, one of us would take them to childcare.  Britt {because she was under 3} had to go to the nursery, but all the other kiddos got to go together.  They played in there for about an hour.  Then we'd pick them up to head to the show.

On the first night, we watched The Golden Mickeys.  The show was an award style show that brought out all different kinds of performances.  Super cute and a great way to spend the first night!

That's it for Part 2.  Remember, if you missed Part 1, be sure to read about all the fun we had at Disney World.  And if you'd like help planning your own Disney World, Disney Cruise or maybe a Disney Land and Sea Vacation, please reach out to us.  We'd love to help!  {We're also sending new clients to all-inclusives in Mexico and cruises all around the world.}  Shoot us an e-mail and we'll get some information to you ASAP.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!