Monday, October 23, 2017

Owning It

Hey Hey, Friends!

It's been a while, but I think it's time for another OWNING IT.

Owning It is a series where I invite another blogger to join us by doing just that-owning her funny, self-deprecating moments by claiming her crazy.  Typically, there's something we can all relate to in a post.  These posts help us realize we all have a little crazy.  :)

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I thought it'd be fun for ME to share this time.  It's been a while since I spilled a little of my crazy so today is the day.  :)

First up, is tying shoes.  I must tell you I remember getting e-mails from the kiddos' kindergarten teachers asking us to practice tying shoes with them.  I've gotta be honest.  I pretended like I didn't see the e-mails.  You know why?  I was a teacher myself and not many things really gross me out but when I'd help a kiddo out by tying their shoes only to bend down, pick up the shoelaces, and GASP-realize they were WET!  Not much worse then tying WET shoelaces...when you don't know WHY they're wet.   I think my subconcious remembered those days too well, so I just decided I'd go to college with my kiddos and tie their shoes everyday before they left for school.  #notreally  But I did think if I waited until they were older the odds of them coming untied so frequently would be less and hopefully we could escape the wet shoelace years!  My kindergarten teacher mom would come to visit and she'd practice tying shoes with them EVERY TIME.  (I never confessed why I hadn't been teaching them.  She's probably reading this and laughing or reading and shaking her head.)  Anyway, we decided this summer was the summer so the big kids both learned to tie their shoes. 

Just recently a delivery guy rang our doorbell for a package.  I went out to open the door and was taken aback at the amount of "droppings" on our porch.  It wasn't like over the top crazy but I have a strong fear of a mouse in our house so I'm pretty good at spotting those items.  There were lots of droppings around the edges of our porch.  I immediately called our pest control company to set up a time for them to come check our house.  #proactive  Tab was working from home the day the pest control guy came to check it all out and you should have seen Tab's face when he was giving me the rundown.  He said, "Erika, you'll be happy to know the pest control guy assured me those were NOT mouse droppings.  They're actually lizard or gecko droppings."  Which is completely disgusting...especially when he went into how to tell the difference.  Ugh!  I'm sparing you THOSE details BUT I had two crazy thoughts.  The first one was I realized I had the BIGGEST smile on my face because I was so happy there weren't mice camped outside on my front porch just waiting to run in when a kiddo left a door open.  And I contemplated putting out a small sign on the porch that read something like, "These are not from mice but lizards."  Which is crazy, but I'd rather my delivery guy know we have lizards...not mice.  That sounds better to me.  #imnotsurewhy

Have you seen those pictures that boast of three different kinds of people...the ones who roll the toothpaste up from the bottom, the ones who squeeze from the middle, and the ones who make a complete mess and squeeze from a different spot each time?  My kiddos all three are the latter and they get that gene from me.  :)  It drives Tab absolutely batty.  So we solved the problem by each getting our own tube. 

Finding a pair of matching socks in our house is the equivalent of finding the golden ticket on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.  May the odds be ever in your favor when you attempt this feat.  ;)  

I'm not sure this is even confession worthy, but I was trying to think of quirky things and it popped in my mind.  I have a thing for shark movies.  I don't know why.  I don't know how to explain it, but I do. 

When I drop my kiddos off in the carpool line (and have no where else to be) odds are I'll be in my pajamas.  Most of the time, my hair is in a messy bun.  I've washed my face and brushed my teeth so I'm not looking crazy disheveled but I'm still in pajamas.  On one particular morning, it was kind of crazy around my house...kiddos (and me) had waffles with Nutella for breakfast, we were running a little late so I was rushing us all, and I didn't take ONE look in the mirror before loading everyone up.  When the big kiddos got out, a teacher came over to chat with me (inside I was DYING because I realized I probably looked a mess) and when I drove off my peek in my rear view mirror revealed I had Nutella ON MY FACE!!  You guys!! 

I think that's all my crazy for today.  Or at least all I can remember or share.  haha!

Do you guys have any crazy you'd like to share?  If so, PLEASE comment!  We'd love to read your crazy too!

Have a GREAT Monday, ladies!  XO

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Everyone!

In typical Friday fashion, I've teamed up with my girls, Narci and Andrea to host FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Every Friday we invite you to join us by blogging your faves, linking to us, and then adding your blog to the link-up at the bottom of the post.

First up, I have a little blogging recap for you.  If you've missed any posts this week, this is what I've covered...

*This girl has been with us for FIVE months and we couldn't be happier about that fact.  You can read all about how things are going at our house.



This picture is crazy blurry, but periodically during the week I'll have the kiddos go pick up their rooms.  The boys would tell me their room was clean only for me to get up there, take a peek, and see that wasn't the case at all.  They'd begin blaming each other and we were just getting no where.  Now, what I do is I send my phone up with Nixon and have him take pictures.  I tell him where to stand in the room to take the pictures and then I can point out other things that need to be done or declare them finished.  I feel like it's a pure genius plan UNTIL I go up and see they've figured out a way to cram dirty clothes, blankets, and toys into a small pile in the corner where the phone isn't capturing it!  AH!  BOYS!  hahaha!  Isn't this like motherhood?  We think we get one stage figured out and then they GROW!


 Every once in a while, I have moments where I feel like I'm killing it.  Like this one, I had Shay's  recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup in my new slow cooker, the house smelled divine, and dinner would be ready at 6:00.  Then I caught a glimpse of my laundry pile and my bubble burst.  But for a second, I was Super Woman.  ;)


I was scheduled to be the Mystery Reader in Bowen's preschool class last week.  At the last minute, I changed it up and grabbed Ebby Lee out of school so SHE could be the mystery reader.  Bowen didn't see that coming and I think all the kiddos thought it was fun!


We celebrated Madeley Shull turning THREE earlier this week.  Madeley loves her some Britt.  I tried my best to get a picture of these two at the party.  

 I took approximately seventeen pictures but when one is smiling, the other has her eyes closed.  So I'm settling on this...
 Happy Birthday, Madeley!

 Bowen got to play with lots of friends.

And everyone had a GREAT time!


I shared about this little girl's night celebration last week, but I want to tell you about this cute little spot in Frisco, Eight11.  If you're local, you should check it out.  The atmosphere was great, live music was happening, and the food was yummy!  We had the truffle chips to begin and we all could not stop talking about them.  When one of the ladies, spotted these at Trader Joe's she brought each of us a bag...

If you're a truffle lover and a Trader Joe's shopper, add these to your next list.  :)

Speaking of truffles..Do you guys remember when Shay was on QVC?  Well, she knows my love of a truffle and came back with this goodie for me.  I put this on EVERYTHING...scrambled eggs, salad, potatoes, asparagus-I even put it in meatloaf the other day.  It's SO GOOD!  Every once in a while, Tab will politely ask me to tame the truffle salt next time.  haha!  If you're a truffle fan, you should try it!


I finished this book last week and thought it was so good.  Super creepy, suspenseful, and just a great thriller!  If you're into those kinds of books, then give All the Missing Girls a try.  I'll be sure to include it in my next book review.


I ran into Target just this week to grab a few things and stumbled by the clothes #accidentallyofcourse.  ;)

I grabbed these three things and wanted to share...
This plaid top.  It comes in lots of different colors.  My favorite plaid tops are the boyfriend style (a bit on the looser side) and are the soft, non-wrinkle when it sits in the dryer too long fabric.  :)  This one is both of those things.  I would take a picture of me in this but it's in the bottom of the dirty laundry pile!

This chenille cardigan.  I have a feeling it'll be worn out of the house and all the time inside as well.  Super soft, a black/white combo color, and a longer length at a great price.

I think that's it for my favorites this week!  I hope you guys have the best weekend!  XO

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Britt Post Adoption-Month 5

Five months.

Five months have passed since Britt has been ours.

Five months since she left everything she's ever known.  

Five months a Slaughter and for that we're so very thankful.

This has been the month Britt has made the most changes.  She's really coming into her own.  She's got us all figured out (and has us wrapped around her finger).

The biggest news this past month is SHE IS WALKING!

She's been going to occupational therapy weekly and has recently begun going twice a week where they work on both large and fine motor skills.  *MOM BRAG MOMENT*  When she began therapy, I asked the therapist when her goal was for Britt walking.  I just wondered what kind of time table we were working with and her response was, "Christmas.  We're gonna have her walking by Christmas."  And YOU guys!  It's not even Halloween just yet.

She pretty much walks all over our house.  She isn't good at the stairs yet, (THANKFULLY) so she stays downstairs and walks around.

She started speech therapy this past week.  I'm thinking it's due to a combination of the cleft issues, new language, and age but she's only making a couple sounds.  We'll be working on that and hopefully she'll knock those goals right out of the park as well.

Her receptive language completely amazes me!  Tab and I will say something and she'll know exactly what we're talking about.  We're constantly saying, "How does she know that word?". 

Just last night after the bath, I put some new lotion on her and was telling her it smelled so good.  She kept smelling her hands and going, "ooh".  I told her to go let Daddy smell her lotion.  She got up, walked straight over to Tab, and put her hand out for him to smell.

We have her check-up on her palate coming up next week, but she's doing great.  She's eating anything and everything, is sleeping all night, and taking great naps.

I'll try to remember to post the video (and more videos of her because you've been asking:)), but she's started folding her hands in prayer and closing her eyes while we pray.  It's the CUTEST thing ever.  Just last night, we prayed before dinner and Bowen was kind enough to point out that "Britt never closed her eyes".  Now, how'd he know that, right?  ;)  But then she wanted us to watch her and she bowed her head, folded her hands, and closed her eyes.

This past month she's really turned into a toddler.  She'll be in the bathroom while I'm getting ready and before I know it the box of Q-Tips is all over the floor.  Just normal toddler stuff!

Earlier this week, Ebby Lee asked me what our life would be like if we hadn't adopted Britt.  (I should add all our kids are smitten with her but the older two are like head over heels.  Nixon, my crazy tough all boy seven-year-old will talk to her in the sweetest voice and calls her his baby.  They're precious with her.)  But I was trying to explain to Ebby Lee that I thought our lives were exactly how they should be...we had three healthy kiddos and I was 100% great with that.  Then I told her that sometimes God knows something you need that you don't even realize.  It might not be so easy getting there, but in the end he wants exactly what's best for us.  Adoption isn't easy...the paperwork is long, it's expensive, traveling is tough, getting a new kiddo who doesn't even know what a family is is hard, but five months on the other side of it and I can see this huge blessing God placed on our hearts.  We're getting to experience it because we said, "yes".  If he's calling you to adopt, foster, or something similar trust me you don't wanna miss this.

This girl.  She melts us all.  She's taught us so many things in these past months.  And I hope we're teaching her how very loved she is by this crazy family of hers.

Britt turns TWO next month!  And we can't wait to celebrate!

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Have a GREAT day!