Monday, December 18, 2017

A Two For The Price of One Kind of Post

Happy ONE WEEK until Christmas, ladies!

I've been making my lists and checking them twice.  And just hoping I didn't forget anything.  #oranyone

Today, my post is a two-for-one special.  First up, Nordstrom asked me to share a few more sweaters with you.  I instantly knew which sweaters I wanted to highlight!  {Most items at this point are still available by Christmas so don't fret, friends!  Nordstrom will save the day!}  And then I'm sharing our visit with Santa.  Britt delivered in the Santa picture department.  #shescreamed

Please don't mind the messy table.  I let my kiddos keep their advent calendars on our dining room table all December long.

I'm a big fan of gifting a sweater for Christmas...especially one that screams, "WINTER!".  Like this one!  You can see my jeans here, my belt, and similar boots (mine sold out).

What am I doing with my FACE?!  haha!

I wanted you guys to see my lipstick.  I'm typically a very neutral-lipstick-wearing-girl, BUT the other day at the make-up counter a sweet lady was helping and she offered up this lipstick for me to try.  She said the magic words, "This shade will make your teeth look whiter".  I.  WAS.  SOLD.  It's definitely a bolder color than I usually wear, but I believe her.  It does make my teeth whiter!  I wanted to pass it on, in case you want to try.  Or it'd make a great little stocking stuffer.  :)

This top is very similar to the one above, but it's a more lightweight option.  It's listed as a "tunic" so the length is longer on this one.  And this color is very, "winter" too.

I also paired it with booties for another look.

And I stumbled upon these booties on Pinterest.  They're waterproof and super comfortable!  {Like I was shocked how comfortable they are!}  They also come in this gorgeous brown, but I have another pair of booties in a similar color so I opted for grey/black.  Santa told me to order these myself, so I took care of it for him. :)

Aren't they pretty?

You can see all the women's sweaters at Nordstrom here.  Remember you still have time for goodies to arrive before Christmas, but order ASAP!

And you can shop all the treasures I featured today...

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.
Yesterday, we took the kiddos to visit Santa.

Before I share the goodness that was Britt meeting Santa, let me show you some of our past visits...

So blurry, but you can still see the goodness that was Bowen Slaughter.  :)

In this picture, Bowen was showing off the nervous laugh he got from his mama.

And last year Nixon was so nervous!  ha!

We were so sad to hear the news about our favorite Santa passing away.  He was always so kind, caring, and really took time to chat with the kiddos.  He touched a lot of lives and I can only hope his family knows how special he was to so many.

I'd heard about a new spot in McKinney where you could meet Santa and decided to try it out.  If you're still in need of a Santa visit, you should check this one out local girls!  Actually, I just checked out the website and I think these visits are over, but keep it in mind for next year.  All proceeds go to benefit Volunteer McKinney.  I made us an appointment and we arrived about ten minutes early and it was our turn in no time!

Britt's face cracks me up!  She is aware of Bowen being just right above her on the pecking order.  So this pictures makes me laugh.  She will let Ebby Lee and Nixon play whatever, but if Bowen gets too close-she lets him have it.  I have no doubt in this picture she wanted to keep one eye on him.

They're ready to see Santa!

At this point, we'd gotten Britt to say, "Ho, ho, ho".  THE CUTEST!  We thought she was primed and ready and then this...

She wasn't a fan.

The photographer snapped two quick pictures before we scooped her up.

Then Santa took a few moments with each kiddo to talk to them about what they wanted for Christmas and how they'd been all year.

Our visit to Santa was a huge success!  {Minus, the whole Britt screaming thing.  But everyone needs a picture like that.  Right?}

Happy SEVEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  Hope you're making the most of this last week.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hey Everyone!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I've teamed up with some of my favorite girls, Narci and Andrea, and we're hosting a fun FRIDAY FAVORITES link-up!  We'd love for you to join us next week.  :)

I have some family fun mixed in with some reader e-mails/questions for you today.

Let's get started...

Every year the teachers at the big kids' elementary school go caroling around the neighborhoods.  They post what time they'll be at each location.  They are transported via a school bus all decked out with Christmas lights.  The teachers are all sporting lots of red and green.  It's just a fun, festive night!  And it's a great way to meet your neighbors with school age kids!

The teachers sang three quick songs for us.  They gave out some hugs and then hopped on the bus to head to the next stop.

We mingled and chatted for a bit before we called it a night.

If you're a teacher/administrator, I'd highly recommend you suggesting this for your school.  The Slaughter six give it six thumbs up!


On Wednesday, I went to grab Britt from the gym {please note her "CHEESE" face} and Madeley Shull started fake crying on me.  She said that she wanted to go with Ya-Ya {what she calls me}.  You guys!  I was like putty in her hands.  She could have asked me for a pony at that exact moment and I would have found a breeder!  It was in the moment that she wiped a pretend tear from her eye that I decided to spring her from the childcare.  I'm actually proud of myself for not having two chocolate milks pictured above.  It's because Madeley didn't think to ask for it.  #icanttellthatgirlno

One day...these two will be trouble. 


 Britt had a big doctor's appointment in Dallas yesterday so we made it a family affair.  Miss Britt got GREAT news!  PRAISE THE LORD!  And then Tab took us out for a Mexican lunch.  It was a win-win for us Slaughter girls.  :)


A sweet reader, Emily, sent me this picture this week.  I LOVE it!  If I'm being honest, I could probably have a couple laundry trees decorated in my house!  ha!  Now is the perfect time to remind you about the post earlier this week explaining how I stay sane during the holidays.  Here's a secret...I don't do it all.  During the Christmas season, laundry is the first to go.  It's all fun and games until everyone's out of underwear.  ha!  You can read the entire post here.

 And if you missed it, Shay and I are hosting this new link-up for 2018!  We'd love for you to join us for HOW WE WEDNESDAYS!

This is the line-up...


I got two e-mails about this jacket Tab is wearing.  I thought if two of you were asking a couple more might be wondering too.  I got this jacket for him last year for Christmas.  And it was a hit!  It's a really cute heather grey color and to be honest, I spied another dad wearing it at the park one day.  And hunted him down to ask him questions.  {That sounds super creepy and weird but I knew the dad so it wasn't SO strange.}  The color is really cute in person.  I found the exact jacket here on Zappos.



Atlanta, Georgia, girls-PLEASE help me out!  What are the MUSTS to do, see, and eat in your city {Family-friendly, I should add}?  I think we're staying in midtown-if that helps?  I'm thinking the World of Coke looks like a must?  What are your thoughts on the aquarium?  I must tell you-I kind of feel like if you've seen one you've seen them all?  But tell me your it a MUST?  Has anyone done the movie tour?  You guys know I love a studio tour so that caught my eye.  Or do you have other recommendations?  Please help me out!   THANK YOU!!

I'm off to run some errands, doctor's appointment, grocery store know all those fun Mom things.  Hope you have a great weekend!  XO

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Seeing BLACK

Hello, December 14th!

We see you and we're totally ready for you.  After those posts yesterday with all the ways to stay sane over the holidays you can BRING it!  We've got our game faces on.  Right, ladies?  If you missed it, check out the link-up yesterday here.

The last couple years I've chosen a color I was really feeling that particular holiday season and shared all kinds of goodies featured in that color.  I was SEEING RED in 2015, SEEING NAVY in 2016, and this year I'm seeing BLACK.  Which can go two can think that sounds depressing OR you can just be in awe of all the cute things retailers are featuring in black this year!

I happened to spy a lot of goodies I've featured before that are now on SALE in BLACK!
First up is my beanie.  That BLACK and white plaid combo is perfect for this post but of course, it's sold out at this point. However, I found an ivory/BLACK combo that's on sale for under $10.  Still looking for a stocking stuffer?  This is it!  And Britt's red beanie with the leopard pom pom is found hereBritt's puffer coat is here and is an additional 20% off with code GIFTNOW.

After seeing this cute grey/BLACK North Face vest on sale at Zappos, I ordered one for myself and decided I had to share!  It comes in other colors as well!

This BLACK dolman style sweater is now 40% off making it under $24.

They're hard to see but I'm wearing my favorite BLACK faux leather leggings.  I bought them last year and love them so much more than regular leggings.  There's texture so they're way more like a pant than other leggings.

This BLACK Zella pullover is great for the gym or let's be real-anyday for that matter.  It looks like the black is sold out, but it's available in a couple other colors.

I got this puffer last year, but there's a super similar one on sale right now (The coat comes in BLACK, but I think the fur is just a different color) and with the code GIFTNOW you save an additional 20% off.

These BLACK jeans with the fun hem are on sale for 33% off right now!

These BLACK and red pajamas are cute, comfy, and the perfect start to Christmas morning.

You guys were big fans of this varsity top and it's now been restocked along with lots of new colors added!  It's now available in 12 colors including BLACK!

Hope you guys enjoying SEEING BLACK today!