Thursday, January 18, 2018

Slaughter Kid Update

Hello, Everyone!

I must tell you when I did that survey back in December I LOVED reading your responses.  For the most part, if you see a random blog post pop up, please note odds are someone asked me about the subject.  I can't guarantee that's the case because it's "A Little Bit of Everything" going on over here.  Anything could happen.  :)

I got asked about the big kiddos several times.  Miss Britt has been getting the spotlight in this space for the last eight months and you guys are wondering about the big kiddos.  So today I'm sharing a few little updates about them.

Here are a few little updates about my kiddos...

 Ebby Lee:

*She is my people pleaser.  She's happy to do anything she's asked.  She's the first to pick up, she puts her own laundry away like a champ, and no doubt-her closet is more organized than mine.

*She's playing volleyball this winter and is also busy with dance classes.  She's added hip hop to her mix of classes and is LOVING it.

*Ebby Lee is the sweetest big sister.  Her favorite after school activity is taking Britt upstairs to play.  #meltmyheart


*This is my ALL-BOY kiddo that has two buttons...either he's outside playing some kind of sport-maybe even one he's made up OR he's a couch potato and wants to be watching Dude Perfect trick shots on t.v.  #noinbetween 

*His teacher recently switched over to a new position in the district and he got a new teacher at the beginning of this January semester.  He's handling the transition like a boss.  It would have been hard for even me to get a new teacher mid-year with new rules and such, but he's go with the flow and it's going great.

*Nixon can find ways to annoy Ebby Lee and Bowen in under two seconds flat, but he is putty in Britt's tiny hands.  I've never seen a kiddo get so wrapped around a baby's finger before.  He'll do anything and everything for her.  My favorite is listening to him talk to her.  He's mush, I'm telling you, but it's precious to watch.


*Bowen is in that sweet spot between preschooler and total big kid.  He's found a way to enjoy all the perks of his small self while getting the benefits of big kid status as well.  For example, he sleeps with the big kiddos, has the same bedtime and everything, but when it comes to carrying up all his clean laundry he's convinced me his arms aren't strong enough.  #imasucker

*I'm not sure about you, but after Christmas we need ALL THE ORGANIZATION.  I was going through things and had made little piles at the bottom of the stairs for each kiddo to carry up and put away.  Some items might be random things they had brought down but others were brand new gifts they'd just received.  I gave them time to put them all away and then told them I'd be throwing away things left on the stairs.  This usually puts them in high alert and gets them moving QUICKLY.  Except Bowen, he came down to the bottom of the stairs, slowly looked over everything in his pile and then replied with, "Mom, you can throw my stuff away.  I don't really want any of that."  YOU GUYS!  It had NEW toys he'd just gotten for Christmas, but he was TOO LAZY to put them up!  Um...NO!  Needless to say, he got a big talking to-and quickly put all his new toys away.  I'm still shaking my head about him saying this!

*He's going to preschool three days a week this year and absolutely loves it!  His teachers, his new friends, and his school is going great.  I cannot believe he'll be in kindergarten this fall.  My plan this semester is to soak up our Mondays and Fridays around here doing fun things.


If you missed my post all about her yesterday, you can check it out here.

That's what's going on around here with these cuties.  :)

Hope you enjoyed our update.  XO

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Adoption Update-Eight Months

I can't even believe it.  Eight months have passed since we brought our Britt Bradford home.

Eight amazing months.

Eight months where we have felt God's presence more than ever.

I couldn't love this quote more.  Prior to adoption, I remember being worried and praying about having an immediate connection with her.  I wanted to get her and instantly feel love.  I wasn't sure if it would work like that, but let me tell you God answered this prayer.  They placed her in my arms and she had my heart.

 This was a big month for our girl.  This month she graduated from occupational/physical therapy!  Which is AWESOME!  They basically said she was all caught up.  Our plan is to check in once every month or two to make sure we're still on track, but we're so thankful Britt is caught up at the moment.  She's walking, stacking blocks, climbing stairs, and more.  She's even attempting to run and jump, which is adorable to watch because her little body doesn't leave the ground.

She's still going to speech therapy weekly where we're hoping she starts using more words.  Since she's the fourth kiddo, a lot of her speech delays are highly related to her siblings doing whatever she wants for her without her having to speak.  You guys know what I mean?  She points and makes a little grunt and three people jump up to get it.  We're trying to stop that so she has to talk, but it's a hard habit to break.

Her hair is growing like crazy.  See the proof?!  

When it comes to eating, Britt prefers all of my favorites and by that I'm talking carbs and cheese.  haha!  She can eat anything and everything.  She is not a fan of meat.  She likes eggs, pasta, rice, cheese, and bananas the most.  She can now drink from a straw like a BOSS!  She prefers to use a fork when she eats but she still digs in with her hands as well.  

She's had a lot of adventures over the last few months....her first Thanksgiving, her first trip to Missouri, her first Christmas, her first LONG road trip to Atlanta, and her first ski trip.  And she handled it like a champ.  She knows her people and as long as she's with her people, she's good.

Britt can be both sweet and spicy....seriously, she walked into the kitchen the other day and just hugged my legs and walked out.  So sweet!  But two seconds later, Bowen got too close to her face and she swatted him.  Very spicy!  {We're working on this, by the way!}

This girl has stolen our hearts in such big, big ways.  Adoption is amazing.  I can't say it enough.

We couldn't love this girl more if we tried.

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I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who were praying for us along this journey.  And for those of you who are still praying.  God has had his hand in every step of this journey.  I'm so very thankful he chose us as Britt's forever family. 

If adoption is on your heart, please know I'm praying for you.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk-Key Fobs

Hey Friends!

Today is one of my favorite's Tuesday Talk, the day Fancy Ashley and I team up and invite you to join us by talking about anything and everything under the sun. 

I love love love getting your thoughts and opinions on things so I've been thinking about this topic for a while.

I'm gonna ask the question, set the stage, and then ask it one more time.

*Where do you put your key fob in your car while you're driving?*

-Is it on the console?
-Is it in your pocket?
-Is it in your purse?

PLEASE let me know where you think that little car starter needs to go.

A little background for my question...last year when I got a new car, it came with the key fob that starts the whole thing.  {I'd never experienced this whole starting without turning a key before.}  When I drive, I always put the keys in the middle console.  It's what I started doing and it helps me not lose my keys.

When Tab drives my car, he always puts my keys in his pocket.  Which is delightful and totally works for him EXCEPT when we're going somewhere together and then I take the car somewhere.  It's happened three times over the last few months and not too long ago it happened again.  We went to grab dinner on a week night and then I had a meeting right after so Tab drove home.  He hopped out with the kids and I switched to the driver seat and drove off.  My meeting was about thirty minutes away and when I got there I tried to grab my keys from the console but THEY WEREN'T THERE!  They were in Tab's pocket in our house THIRTY MINUTES away.  I couldn't go into my meeting because if I turned my car off, then it wouldn't restart because I didn't have the key!

I'm telling you guys it's happened enough times Tab finally said that I should ask the blog world where they put their key fob.  He clearly believes you're gonna say you're pocket and he's confident.  haha!  I'm BEGGING you to say the console.  haha!  But, I want you to be honest.  PLEASE PLEASE help us end this debate.  What do you do with your key fob in your car?  Where does it go?  Is there some special magical place in your car I don't know about?

And sidenote-yes, my car makes a very light, tiny ding if I drive off and it doesn't detect the key.  If I have the kiddos in the car with me, there's no way I'm hearing that little ding.  My car is loud, people.  Four kids?!  Right?  And if I'm alone, I always turn my music up loud so again...don't hear the ding.  I'd prefer my emergency lights to come on and my car to start honking.  Now that would get my attention.  :)

I love making these Tuesday Talks interactive.  If you have a question or something you'd like us to address here on Tuesday Talk, please send it over {}.  And again PLEASE share where you put that little key fob.

I'll keep you posted with the results!

Thanks, ladies!

Happy Tuesday!  XO