Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Slaughter Updates

Hey Everyone!

I feel like it's time for a little Slaughter update.  Just a quick way of keeping you in the loop of what's going on with all six of us.  ;)

As you can see from the picture, Britt has hit the stage where she's into everything.  She loves going in the pantry, pulling out the broom, and carrying it around the house.  #herfavoritepasttime  We have her big palate repair check-up today actually where we'll discuss anything and everything cleft palate related.  I remember getting the goal of twenty words for this appointment six months ago.  Just last night, Ebby Lee and I counted and we think she has more like twelve-if we get to count words like, "um", and "oh".  Do those count?  We were just referred to a new speech therapist who specializes in cleft lip/palate and we'll see her tomorrow.  I have super high hopes for that appointment as well.  And the truth is, when I get stressed about how much ground we still have to cover it takes me all of two seconds to start being grateful for just how far we've come.  Her receptive language is AMAZING!  If you guys remember, she was just sitting when we got her eleven months ago.  Now she can JUMP {and actually get a little air}, climb up/down the steps, and she stepped up on a curb just yesterday all by herself.  She's come so very far.  We're super proud of her!

I cannot even believe that in just four short months Bowen Slaughter will be headed to kindergarten.  I feel like he's right on the cusp of complete big boy, and that makes me want to sob my head off.   Bowen used to prefer hanging inside when Nixon was outside playing, but now he can hold his own in a game of Four Square like everyone else.  He has preschool graduation coming up soon.  And I just signed him up to play soccer this summer.  He's been dying to play and we've had a hard time fitting ALL THE THINGS in for everyone.  It's officially his turn and he couldn't be happier about it all.  Meanwhile, I'm watching his beginner tee-ball game and oh, so glad there are no outs.  #see  #hesstilllittle  #right 

Nixon Slaughter is eight going on eighteen.  He has officially hit the age where he doesn't want to be seen in public kissing his mom.  I never dreamed that day would come so soon {which is probably why I'm even sadder Bowen is growing up!  ha!}  Nixon's second grade year has not been ideal.  His class is on their third teacher of the year.  Yes, third.  The first teacher got a new job in the district.  We were all so excited for her {but sad to see her go} and the second teacher resigned rather quickly.  So, he's on his third and when you're in second grade that can be tough.  But...he's handled it like a champ.  He's rolled with the punches, learned new expectations {yet, again}, and has shown us how resilient eight-year-olds really are.  {By the way, we love our school.  I'm not bashing it at all...just being honest about how this school year has been for Nix.  Things happen.  I totally get it, and I'm super proud of him.}  I must add-Nixon is still putty in his baby sister's hands.  #sheknowshowtoworkhim

Ebby Lee is my little helper.  She keeps her room super clean {and for that I'm so thankful}, is always down to help tidy up a space, and is on top of her other responsibilities.  She tends to drive the boys crazy with her mother hen ways.  I'm secretly thankful she takes a turn and gives me a break in the pecking department.  ;)  Last weekend the boys were out of town and we watched two girly movies {that were legit movies I wanted to watch}.  And in moments like that I'm reminded this whole growing up thing isn't so bad after all.

Tab recently started a new job.  He stepped out of the insurance world and right into one of his client's offices.  He's loving the challenge of a new industry, getting to learn the tricks of a new trade, and meeting all kinds of new people.  The down side is he's been traveling quite a bit to meet everyone plus had a few football outings as well which made for lots of nights away over the last couple months.  I think the majority of that is over other than some random trips here and there.  He's also coaching one tough, undefeated tee-ball team {did I mention there are no outs?}, watching all the other sports, teaching Britty obnoxious things that only dads will teach, and managing to listen to me get in ALL THE WORDS at the end of the night.  ;)

I, on the other hand, am doing my best to keep our house running smoothly, to have dinner on the table, to encourage everyone to use their manners, to teach Britty ALL THE WORDS, to send families on amazing vacations, to plan random date nights for us {happened just last week-WAHOO!}, to create new drills for third grade volleyball practice, to point all my people to Jesus, to love on those around me, and to share a little of my crazy with all of YOU.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope you enjoyed our updates.  XO

Monday, April 23, 2018

Let's Talk...Southern Charm

Happy Monday!

Friends, let's talk about something REALLY serious...
 Just kidding.  :)

Not serious at all.  But who out there is watching Southern Charm?

Anyone with me?  Raise your hand if you're out there. 

I started watching Southern Charm last year.  I was way behind, started all the way back at Season One, and am caught up right now watching Season Five.  It's a guilty pleasure, reality television show that follows the lives of seven adults all living in Charleston, South Carolina.  And it's good.  It's real good.  {Rated R}

The main cast is made up of some living on family money, some who married into money, some super hard working making their own money, and others are jobless and you wonder how they have any money!  Or at least I do!  :)

A few of my FAVORITE things about this show...

*CAMERAN!  Do you follow Cameran on Instagram?  She is one of my favorite feeds to follow.  She is a new mama and is always keepin' it real.  Most of the time we can ALL relate!  One of my favorite things she's shared lately was a picture of an eaten rotisserie chicken and her caption said something about one of her favorite meals to make for her husband is the rotisserie chicken from Publix.  She went on to say she even prefers to serve it in the plastic container from the store.  ha!  We've ALL been there.  Haven't we?  And most often on the show I feel like she is the voice of reason.  #loveher

*ALL THE COLORS!  Most of the time the cast is chock full of bright vibrant colors. This cast does not shy away from the colors.  I love it.  I got finished watching this week and MIGHT have hopped on Lilly Pullitzer's website to try a couple things.  All of her prints scream, "SUMMER VACATION!!" to me so I'm getting prepared.

*Speaking of ALL THE COLORS...I also ordered a spring/summer Barrington tote and if that palm beach leaf pattern doesn't scream, "SUMMER!".  Then I don't know what does.  I left the initials blank so you can imagine your own there.  ha!

*THESE TWO...Shep and Austen...I've loved watching their friendship, {WAIT FOR IT} their SOUTHERN CHARM, and their dating lives play out on the show but HOW DO THEY HAVE MONEY TO LIVE?!  Shep has family money.  Right?  But what about Austen?  And if Chelsea isn't the most precious thing!  I'm not sure why one of these guys isn't doing everything they can to snatch her up?!  #shesgorgeous

*The MUSIC...The show has fun, catchy music and I seriously find myself dancing along as I watch.  #yesidothat

*THE DRAMA...Let's be real, the reason we enjoy reality television is the drama.  Right?  This show isn't lacking in the drama department.

*TAKES ME BACK...I think the music, the people, and the vibe of the show takes me back to one of my very favorite weekends.  I know this was New Orleans and the show is all Charleston, but I do see a few similarities.  {By the way, are you watching Southern Charm-New Orleans?!}  Apparently, I really let my people know how much fun that wedding weekend was because we were just talking about weddings the other day and Ebby Lee let us all know she wants to get married in New Orleans.  And she's never been, BUT she knows a wedding there is a good time.  :)

If you're looking for a show to keep you entertained, well look no further.  The drama, the architecture of the gorgeous city, the cast of characters, and well-the Southern Charm will keep you coming back for more every week on Bravo.  You can catch up on episodes via the Bravo app, purchase on Amazon Prime, or maybe catch reruns on Bravo-if you're lucky?

If you're a Southern Charm watcher, please share and tell me your FAVORITE thing about the show!  

Have a GREAT day, Everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Favorites

I can't even believe it's happening, but the SUMMER COUNTDOWN IS ON!  I mean...May is eleven days away.  Texas needs to get the memo it's almost summer time.  :)

In true Friday fashion, I'm teaming up with Narci and Andrea to bring you Friday Favorites!  It's our weekly link-up every Friday where we invite bloggers to join us and share their FAVORITES!

Today, I'm answering some e-mails via the blog.  Often times I think if a couple of you are asking, then maybe it's something everyone would like to know.  :)


I've shared before that I'm no good at keeping up with an expensive pair of sunglasses, so I'll never be someone who sports a $100 pair.  I lose them, they get sit on, or something else happens to them, so I started buying these sunglasses from Nordstrom a couple years ago.  When I purchase, I stock up and grab several at a time.  Then if I lose them, it's not a big deal.  You can find a wide variety of styles all under $20.


I get these questions a lot.  :)  I buy her lots of Matilda Jane clothes.  I also love Old Navy, Nordstrom, Gap, and boutiques (when I'm looking for something different).  And we have some fabulous friends...Madeley and others who don't have blogs that have passed down some of their clothes to us.  So, in the interest of "paying it forward", I typically bag up clothes and shoes and pass it on to friends with younger kiddos.


I mentioned in a "What I'm Priming" post that when we went to China I packed everyone's clothes in Ziploc bags.  I got Ziploc gallon size freezer bags {and tried to be the ULTIMATE ORGANIZED PACKER} and labeled each one-"Ebby Lee Day 1", "Ebby Lee PJ 1", etc.  I didn't pack enough clothes for us to have outfits everyday without having to do some laundry.  So once we were all out, I washed some clothes and refilled some bags.  I did the same thing on our Disney trip over Spring Break.  It was nice and easy.  I'd just throw a bag at each kiddo in the morning and everything they needed for the day was in there...underwear, socks, bow, etc.  I hope to start using those packing cubes, but for the last couple trips Ziploc didn't let me down.


I actually got asked this question a ton last year around the Anniversary Sale so I did an entire post on how I wear my faux leather leggings the most.  These are mostly fall/winter looks, because I don't tend to wear them much in the spring or summer.


SPOILER ALERT...In the e-mail the reader explains she just cannot handle reading this book if something happens to the baby.  I completely get it and the answer is no.  :)  The baby is safe.


I've shared before that my go to teeth whitening is simply Crest White Strips.  They're super affordable (especially compared to other whitening systems), are easy to use, and definitely work!  For local girls, I go to McKinney Smiles here in McKinney.  I've been going for years and have been very happy with every appointment.  #notsponsored  #justansweringthequestion


This is a super common question around these parts and I've actually blogged about it before.  If you're pit-stopping in McKinney, I highly recommend you take a look at this blog post.  :)  Lots to do and see in our cute little town.


Local girls, Marla gifted this to me for Christmas one year.  She happened to stumble upon it in Round Rock during one of their big markets.


I think I shared any and all the details in this post about our Murder in the Alps, but if you have any specific questions, please comment below and I'll answer.  :)

*This isn't a question, but just a comment that wouldn't post and I want to make sure you see it-just in case you're working on having grateful kiddos too.  :)  One reader recommended this book, More Than Enough:  Living Abundantly in a Culture of Excess.  I've ordered it already and can't wait to read.  In case you missed my post on Tuesday, I asked about how we make sure we're raising grateful kiddos.  You guys are simply amazing and left lots of comments with GREAT ideas!  You should check out that post just to read the comments!

Okay, friends!  I think that wraps it up for my questions and my favorites.  Have an awesome weekend and I'll see you Monday!