Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Entertainment with Erika-The Greatest Showman

Today, I have a super special edition of Entertainment with Erika. 

We're gonna chat all about this...

Okay, Ladies.

I promise after today to not talk about this movie.  I mentioned it in my post yesterday and could tell that lots of you were drinking, "The Greatest Showman" kool-aid as well.

And I keep getting requests for more of my thoughts-types-of-blog-posts and right at the moment this movie is on my heart!  {Probably because we're blasting the soundtrack 24/7 at our house.}

The Greatest Showman

Have you seen it?

I took my kiddos and the Shull kiddos to see it on late Saturday afternoon.  To be honest, I tried to come up with something else for us to watch because I'm not the biggest fan of musicals.  {Do you guys remember the scene in Annie when Jamie Foxx starts singing in that helicopter?  Don't get me wrong...I loved that movie BUT it just felt a bit awkward.  I'm pretty sure I nervous laughed while I was watching.}  I also wasn't sure if the boys would be into the movie, but when I weighed my options between the movie all my Facebook feed is talking about AND Ferdinand.  Sorry, John Cena.

Let me add before we start the movie discussion-the two big boys {Nixon and Smith} acted like they were doing me a favor by going to see this with us and as we were walking out of the movie they could not stop talking about how good it was.  We turned up the volume in the car way too loud all the way home and those boys were singing just as loud as the girls.

Let's Discuss...
I wish we were sitting in a coffee shop sipping drinks {mine heavy on the creamer} while we were talking about this!  Please imagine that!

*I absolutely LOVED the costumes!  They were extremely detailed and I couldn't get enough.

*I've never been a Hugh Jackman fan UNTIL this movie.  I thought he was amazing!

*When we came home, I was telling Tab all about it and I mentioned that Jared Leto was the supporting actor.  {Yes, I know.  I should go to more movies.  Right?}  We discussed it a bit more and it wasn't until the next morning on the way to the church-Nixon mentioned Troy from High School Musical being in the movie.  I could not believe Jared Leto was in High School Musical!  Until I realized my mix-up.  Not Jared Leto, it was Zac Efron.  They kind of resemble each other.  Right?

*The Slaughter five {all of us but Tab} cannot get enough of the soundtrack.  The most amazing dance parties in our kitchen have been occurring on the daily thanks to this music.  

*I have no doubts when I sing in the shower I sound EXACTLY like the opera singer, Jenny Lind.  {Don't we all think that?}  Yesterday I was belting it out and afterward {joking, of course} I asked Nixon how that sounded.  He rolled his eyes so far back in his head.  Like, so far.

*I was impressed to see Jen from Dawson's Creek!  I clearly had no clue what I was getting myself into when I bought the tickets.  But I thought Michelle Williams killed it in this movie.

*Bowen went too and while he definitely wasn't "into" it as much as the older kids, he watched the entire thing.  And now sings every word.  ;)

*Lots of great messages occur throughout the movie.  But like I said in my post yesterday, that one little side story line about the other woman could have been left out and the movie wouldn't have missed it a bit.  And then it would have been even more family friendly.  Hollywood, please call me next time prior to a big release. 

*If you've been thinking about seeing it, I HIGHLY recommend you go to the theater.  I tried to convince my mom yesterday to clear her schedule today so she could go watch.  It's definitely worth it!

Those of you who've seen the movie...what did YOU think??!  PLEASE share your thoughts!

THIS IS ME just sharing a few thoughts, but a simple blog post will NEVER BE ENOUGH to give the movie all the credit it is due.  #seewhatididthere  #songsfromthesoundtrack

If you haven't seen the movie yet, have we convinced you to call in sick, get a babysitter, and go see it ASAP?

Hope you have the BEST Tuesday!  XO

Monday, January 22, 2018


I did a CURRENTLY post almost one year ago today, so I decided it was time to do it again.  These are things I'm doing, crazy thoughts in my head, etc.  :)

Making:   A big ole cup of coffee...I'm working on this post Sunday morning long before anyone else is up.  A quiet house is my favorite time to work on this little blog of mine.  I'm making a big cup of coffee with #allthecreamer.  ha!

Cooking:   I hope I can remember to throw chicken in the slow cooker right before we leave for church.  I'm not sure WHAT I'm gonna do with that chicken later...I'm thinking maybe chicken caesar wraps or maybe just chicken caesar salads?

Drinking:  Coffee, Iced Tea, and Water on repeat.  I've also added La Croix's to the mix.  Are you guys fans of those?  If so, what's your favorite flavor?  So far, my favorite is lemon.

Eating:  Tab was out of town all last week and let me tell you a little secret....I tend to not cook at all when he's gone.  Tab was doing dishes for me a couple weeks ago and he said the words I've thought my entire adult life..."It's almost worth eating out just so you don't have to clean up".  And all the mamas doing dishes said, "Amen".  Right?  Needless to say, even though it's January-I haven't been eating my best at the moment.  I blame it on Tab being out of town.  This week I've meal planned and we're set!

Reading:  I just started reading Redemption, the first book in the series.  When we announced Britt's name, a reader reached out to me and told me I needed to read these books because there's a Britt Bradford in this series.  So I ordered the first one and will work my way through them.  I'm not sure what has happened to me, but I've been blowing my way through some books.  (I think it goes back to Tab being out of town and it was SO cold.  We were stuck inside.)  I've read some great ones!  My new plan is to share my recent reads every Friday on Friday Favorites.  I know there will come a Friday when I've got no books to share, but for now...I'm ahead!   

Wanting:  To have my entire house decluttered.  I started reading Emily Ley's Simplified Life book (and think I'm gonna love it).  The first chapter was about decluttering, and that's where I got stuck.  haha!  I WANT someone else to come in and tell me how to organize things in a better way.  Every six to nine months, I do a big declutter overhaul-which maybe is normal with four kids bringing things inside the house?  I'm just getting the feeling I'm not organizing my house-closets, cabinets, and such in the best way or I wouldn't be doing it so frequently.  What do you think?  Is this normal?  Do you guys do this to your house every so often?  I started in the boys' room.  Who am I kidding-I'm still in the boys' room but have already taken out four bags of old toys, clothes that don't fit, trash, etc. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Looking:  Tab recently gave Nixon all his old baseball and football cards he had growing up.  But now there are a ton of cards!  I have no doubts Emily Ley would NOT approve of all the sport cards in the boy room right now.  I told Tab we need to do something with them.  And Tab insisted they were worth so much money.  (Insert the eye roll emoji here.) I was immediately teleport-ed back to the sixth grade when boys in my class would discuss cards and how much they were worth.  I didn't believe them then and am not so sure about this now.  So I'm looking for a baseball card dealer who's gonna write us a check for four kiddos' college tuition AND he's gonna take all these cards off my hands.  Win-win.  Right?  hahaha!  

Playing:  We're in the midst of our first volleyball season and our record isn't so good.  My whole mission when I signed up to coach was just to introduce them to the sport and to make sure they have fun.  But let me tell you...even in third grade it's hard to ensure the fun will happen if the team is losing.  I don't mention the score, the time left on the clock, etc...but they're telling me,"Mrs. Erika, we're losing".  This week in practice I'm gonna do my best to work on our regular drills but incorporate a few that are simply just for fun.

Wasting:  I'm sorry to keep discussing that book (and I've only read the FIRST chapter).  But something Emily tells you to do is to NOT purchase a THING before you declutter your house.  If you're like me, before I've even stepped foot in the room I want to have all the right organizational tools from The Container Store ready.  Like AS I was reading the chapter I thought, well I'll go to The Container Store today and then I read the line about DO NOT purchase anything for organization.  All this to say, I am NOT wasting any organizational bins or buckets at the moment.  If it can be used, I'm using it!

Buying:  All the workout clothes.  I might have eaten junk every night last week, BUT the cute outfit motivates me to either make it to the gym OR at least get a home workout in.

Sewing:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  NOT a THING I can do anymore.  :(

Wishing:   For a SNOW DAY!

Loving:  The Greatest Showman soundtrack...to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of a musical so I didn't fully understand the hype.  But I watched the movie over the weekend and am now applying to be the President of The Greatest Showman Fan Club.  The music was outstanding!  Have you guys seen it?  What'd you think?  I didn't love the "other woman" part they incorporated into the story line, but that's the only part I would have left out.  Just my two little cents, but please share your thoughts!

Hoping:  You're still reading at this point.  :)

Marvelling:  Over how much these kiddos have grown.  It happens so quickly.

Needing:  "Some sort of organization company to come look at all our closets and then tell me where to put things.  I don't think I have the ability to organize closets well.  I'm lacking in this department." -You guys, this was my answer to this question almost a year ago.  Ha!  What can I say?  I know my strengths and weaknesses.

Smelling:  A delicious candle burning in the kitchen...Winter Candy Apple by Bath and Body Works

Wearing:  My favorite pajamas at the moment. :)

Praying:  For a sweet family from McKinney to arrive safely home from China with their new baby girl.  Adoption is amazing and getting to observe sweet babies find their forever family makes my heart so happy.

Noticing:  When I took down all the Christmas decorations, I replaced some things with my normal decor and left others tucked away.  I think it's nice to have a blank slate for a bit.  It looks a little bare, but I kind of like it.

Knowing:  That wherever you are, whatever you're doing God is using you for his purpose.  I got a couple e-mails this week that touched my heart in big ways and were so encouraging.  I hope you know the same thing.  If you're a teacher, you're touching lives.  If you're working in a cubicle with no one around you, the people you meet in the hallway are noticing your smile and your positive outlook.  If you're a stay-at-home mom taking care of babies all day, God is using you!  

Thinking:  About all the Disney World vacations we're working on for the fall of this year.  We have a ton of families already planning their fall break to Disney.  If you've been thinking about a fall 2018 Disney World trip with possibly a visit to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, please reach out to us at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.  We'd love to help you plan a magical vacation!

Opening:  You guys are gonna laugh at me.  I'm a broken record!  I've clearly gone over the top with my organizational literature.  ;)  I just opened this workbook, Cluttered Mess to Organized Success for two reasons...1. I'm working on decluttering our house and need all the help.  2. I LOVE a workbook.

Giggling:  About The Bachelor last week...I joked around to Sheaffer about that dog scene being one of my biggest fears!  Seeing a big pack of dogs running at me is not my idea of a good time.  Like Sheaffer says, under the "fear" category on your application...WHY DON'T YOU SAY TACOS AND DIAMONDS?!  haha!  

Feeling:  Excited about the new week and all it has in store.  Hope you make it a great one!  


Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday!

Narci, Andrea, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites and we'd love for you to join us!

First up, I have another little Instagram Story hint to share.  Last week I told you how my Insta Story skills are lacking MAJORLY!  So I vowed to learn some tip or trick weekly {hopefully} and share it with you!  I'm a bit nervous about this one because there might be a quicker easier way than what I'm suggesting.  If there is, PLEASE share with us!  

An Instagram Story video can only be fifteen seconds so WHAT do you do when you have a video you'd like to share that's longer?  Here are my hints...

*You can be watching the little recording timer and make sure you ONLY record videos fifteen seconds or less.
*OR...you can download the Cut Story App.  Allow the app to have access to your photos and videos and then you can select a video.  It will cut the video down into several fifteen seconds increments so then you can post to Insta Story.  The app was super easy for me to work. If I can do it, trust me, YOU CAN TOO!  :)

That's my helpful hint for the week.


I'm not the best at book reviews because I've shared before the SECOND I close the book I can't remember any details.  This year I thought instead of sharing book review posts, I'll just throw books in my Friday Favorites every time I finish.  I have a couple this week because of our out of town trips.

I was a big fan of this one!  This is told from two sisters' points of view.  These sisters don't have a close relationship, but after both of them go through major life events they learn to lean on each other like never before.  Chick-lit at it's finest, in my opinion!  {Rated R for language...someone asked me to mention ratings. :)}

In this novel, a freshly married couple's world is rocked when the husband is killed.  The wife has never even met her husband's family {I'm talking FRESHLY married couple} and has to learn how to handle the grief when her FOREVER suddenly becomes INTERRUPTED.  {Rated R for language and maybe some scenes.}

When the character's fiance' dumps her abruptly, she pretty much has a one way ticket on the Hot Mess Express.  After lots of coaxing from friends and family, she lands a job in the admissions department of a New York City school, where it's super competitive and following along is highly entertaining.  I liked this one because I think it's so interesting to read about city life in New York City because it's SO different from my suburbs. {Rated R for language}


I found a couple goodies I own that are on sale and wanted to share those with you!

This cardigan is on sale-at 40% off.  It comes in two other colors and my favorite thing is the colors are very "winter".  It doesn't look like fall or Christmas so you can wear this one NOW!

I bought this tie bell sweater back in the fall and now it's 40% off.  The grey is sold out, but it comes in black and a cute lilac.

And my jeans are 33% off now as well.

These cozy fleece pajamas are on major sale and come in a variety of other colors-stripes, polka dots, etc. that are just winter. 

This casual top is on sale 40% off as well.


My FAVORITE product of the week {I'll do my best to keep this up all year as well} is the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil.  Have you heard of this?  In the winter months, my skin gets CRAZY dry.  Like I'm talking I should look different every spring because of the amount of dry skin I flake off every winter.  I got this shower oil for Christmas and I'm a BIG fan.  When you lather up with this oil, it becomes a thick foam.  It leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.  If you struggle with dry skin, check this out!

I'll go back to my Bath and Body Works' shower gel in the spring and summer, but this will be my go to in the fall and winter.


I need your help!  What's your FAVORITE eye cream?  It's time for me to purchase something new {almost all out} and I'd love to give something new a try.  Please send me your recommendations!


I'm probably like the majority of you guys...trying my best to start 2018 being more healthy and let me tell you new workout clothes are one way to get me motivated.  I grabbed these pants, this bra, and this top last week at the mall.  I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.  ;)  I wore it earlier this week all day, did an at-home workout, and ran some errands.  I wore it tied because the top is a little longer but when I go to the gym I probably won't tie it.  


If you missed it, I hosted Tuesday Talk with Ashley, where I shared a little problem Tab and I are having with the key fob in my car.  You guys are passionate about keeping up with your keys and totally delivered when I asked your opinion.  The consensus is I need to carry a purse with me at ALL TIMES and leave my keys in there.  I should also get Tab his own key.  :)  I must tell you my FAVORITE answer was, "Your car.  Your rules.  Put that key fob on the console, Tab".  hahaha!


for some Q and A posts so I'm giving them to you.  The first one (and most highly requested) is a Q and A post with Tab!  A lot of you have football related questions you wanted to ask, so please ask away. You can leave a comment here or e-mail me at alittlebitofeverything83@yahoo.com.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope your Friday is fabulous!  XO