Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday, Ladies!  

WE'RE BACK!  Ashley and I are back for another edition of Tuesday Talk.  The day of the month we invite you to chat about ANYTHING over on your blogs, grab our graphic, and link up to join us!  If you missed us this month, mark us down on your calendar for next time-March 21st.

Today, I want us to chat about something that's been on my while for the last couple weeks.  Are you ready?? 


I 'm pretty sure I heard some gasps and sighs.  :)

Swim suits are one thing I will hands down splurge on ANY DAY!  It's hard enough for us to feel comfortable in a swim suit so if you find a good one-go for it!

I have a few tips for trying on swim suits...
*I've started ordering suits.  I usually over order-a couple sizes of each, have them come to my house and I just know I'll be returning items.  I like this process MUCH better in ront of my own mirrors.  haha!

*ALWAYS use some sunless tanner before you try on your first suit of the year.  

*Remember the women in the magazines have been air brushed.  You look great!!

Isn't this the truth?  haha!
The weather around here has been crazy nice.  It's got me ready for spring!  And spring turns into summer so I've had swim suits on the brain.  I'd love for us to chat about our favorite places to buy swim suits.  Maybe (HOPEFULLY) we can help each other out and we'll all be feeling great in a new suit this year.

This year my struggle is the suits I'm drawn to are not the ones that look the best on me.  Do you guys ever deal with that?  I want to be one big ruffle at the pool this year but so far all five suits I've ordered haven't worked.  And every year I see some cute one piece I just know will work for me.  Every year this happens.  I'm crazy long-waisted...it's never gonna happen.  There are pros and cons to this and one major con is...one piece swim suits DO NOT WORK.  But I have no doubt in 2018, I'll give it another go and will have to remind myself this body just wasn't made for those suits.  

I thought I'd share some places I've shopped for suits over the years....(I'm hoping you share too)!  Keep in mind I'm highlighting a few that catch my eye but they aren't necessarily suits that will work for me.  But maybe they'll work for you.  :)


This just needs a big hat and you're beach ready!  Isn't that cute?

This is a fun twist on a one piece with the lace cut outs.  

Trina Turke always has the best colors and designs.

I like this spin on a bikini top.

Super cute tankini option.

Victoria's Secret:
Apparently, I'm a fan of the high neck this year.  ;)

I look so much better in a colorful suit.  This one looks great.

The ruffles.  Need I say more?

Old Navy:
I told you I have a thing for the ruffles.

And the high neck.  :)  The back of this top made it even more fun.

This would never work for me, but it sure is cute.

A friend recently told me about Revolve.  I ordered the cutest one-piece (WHAT WAS I THINKING?), but it was way too short.
Isn't this suit cute?  The floral print was gorgeous!

Now, let's chat.  Where do you like to buy swim suits?  Please, please share.  Hopefully, we can help each other out and we'll all be feeling like a million bucks at the pool this summer.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Questions Answered-Part 7

So I'm answering.  :)

*Where did you get your bedding?*
When we moved into our house almost two years ago, we got a king-size bed, new bedding, and {according to Tab} WAY too many pillows.  :)  The duvet cover came from Pottery Barn and is completely sold out.  They do have the same pattern in a more muted form in 24-inch square pillow covers.  They came out with those this past fall and they're now on sale.  I got the blue quilt from Pottery Barn as well.  The exact one is also sold out, but this set is very similar.  I added the random throw pillows from Pottery Barn and found the throw at Target.  Again, mine is sold out but lots to choose from at Target.  And the beach towels were only for a special little guy who was working on the underwear at nap time thing. 

If you're local, our bed came from Weir's Furniture.

*How do you keep our teeth so white?*
First of all, THANK YOU.  I wish I had some magic formula, but I don't.  I've tried lots of different things and my very favorite is Crest WhiteStrips.  I've tried every variation and I like them all.  Every couple weeks, I'll use one or two.  I usually put them in when I'm about to shower and then I take them out when I'm all dressed, have make-up on, and hair done.  I should add that I drink coffee and tea, but always with a straw.  I do think it really helps.

*I'm stopping in McKinney.  What should I do?*
Last year I did a post all about this.  I shared "Things to do in McKinney".   Local girls, please add to my list!

*What popcorn did I serve at the Valentine Party?*
(I think Kensington told Shay it was the BEST EVER.) I served this White Cheddar Popcorn...found at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Target.

*Where did you get the metal tiered tray you used at the Valentine Party?*
I got my tiered stand a couple years ago at Sam's Club.  This one is sold out, but I found a similar option at World Market.

I got asked a lot about the paint color in the dining room, but I cannot find it anywhere.  It's from Sherwin Williams-that's all I know.  :(

*How do you handle screen time in your home?*
In the morning, as the kids are eating breakfast they watch some t.v.  After school, they have to play outside, play with toys, etc. until right before bed.  If there's time we allow a show, part of a movie, etc. before bed time.  On the weekends, they can play on I-Pads and have more t.v. time, but during the week we try to be pretty strict.  I have one kid who could care less but two kiddos who would turn into couch potatoes if we let them.  

Last week, when we discussed chores for kids one reader mentioned that in order for her kiddos to get screen time they have to do a chore...clean bathroom, vacuum downstairs, etc. and I LOVE this idea! 

*What self-tanner do you use?*
(This is the picture the reader referenced when asking this question.)  Here's the truth, I've never met a self-tanner I didn't like. :)  I look so much better with a little color on my skin, so self-tanners are my jam.  My favorites include Body Drench Quick Tan,  Dr. Gross Glow Pads for Body, Dr. Gross Glow Pads for Face, and Rodan and Fields' Sunless Foaming Tanner.  I just recently ordered (and have used once) St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse.  The color was great, but I'd highly recommend purchasing a mitt of some kind.  My hands were pretty dark after applying.  I've been seeing a lot of people gush about that Say Hello to Sexy glow gel.  Has anyone tried it?

*How do you and Tab keep the romance alive in your marriage?*

*What is your favorite bible study or favorite Christian books?*
The Seamless Bible Study was SO GOOD.  I highly recommend it.

I'm reading Bread and Wine right now.  I remember lots of friends reading this a couple years ago and clearly I wasn't paying close attention.  I thought it was mainly recipes...there I go judging a book by it's cover. ;)  But I'm really enjoying it. 

Keep It Shut and Let It Go by Karen Ehman are both good.  I'm a big fan of her books.

And my favorite book EVER is Same Kind of Different As Me.  If you haven't read this one, STOP what you're doing now and order this book.  The movie releases October 20th and you know it's always better to read the book first.

*If you could rename all your kids what would their names be?*
Oh my goodness!!  Why is this game so fun?

I did a post about both girl names and boy names, you should check those out.  Lots of you guys left comments with amazing baby name options.

Girl-Mallie, Teagan, Pippen, Quinn, and Tatum just to name a few.  ;)
Boy-Teague...I'm also a big fan of Brick.  (I typed these names, then referenced my boy name post and I said the exact same names two years ago.)

Please note those names would work if I was naming a child without Tab's help.  hahaha!  We have different view points when it comes to baby names.

*What are your favorite workout clothes?*
 Getup on the left...top, leggings, and snow boots (similar).  Outfit on the right...top and leggings.

My go-tos for workout gear are Athleta, Zella gear at Nordstrom, or Under Armour.

*Where did Marla get that bobblehead for Tab for Christmas?*
This is the Etsy shop where she ordered the bobbleheads.  You send in a picture and they make the bobblehead look like your picture.  They also send you an example before they complete it so you can make changes.

*What clothing/shoe items do you deem a necessity for your family and what are the fun splurges?*
Hmmm...where to even begin?  The first thing that comes to mind is shoes.  Our boys have three pairs of shoes...tennis shoes, church shoes, and Natives.  I always buy them good brand-name shoes I know will last a while.  Since they only have three in the rotation, I know they're going to get a LOT of wear out of them. 

When Ebby Lee was younger, I went over board on her shoes.  She had a pair for every situation.  Now, I know she's interested in what is comfy and cute.  I bypass having all kinds of options for maybe a few that are a little more expensive but fit her criteria...comfy and cute.

Another thing I did when Ebby Lee was a baby was I saved all her really nice clothes for a special event.  Well, you know what happened?  Sometimes she'd wear a super cute outfit only once because I was so nervous about her ruining it.  It didn't take me long to change my mind on this...if it's something so nice she can't wear it, she probably shouldn't have it.  We have a few nice dresses this rule doesn't apply to, but for the most part if she owns it, then she can wear it anywhere.

I blogged last summer about my favorite places to shop for kids' clothes.  I'm still shopping at those three places the most for the kiddos.

*Where did you find those polka dot sheets with the lullaby for Ebby Lee's room?*

I hope you enjoyed this edition of You Asked... :)
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Whew!  With Valentine's Day in the middle of the week, this week has felt like a long one.  I'm glad to see Friday.  Like every Friday, I'm joining Andrea and Narci to share my favorites.  :)

I have a bit of our everyday life for you...
Friday, the ladies in our neighborhood brunched.  I loved seeing women of all ages chatting it up.  While we brunched, these two boys played their hearts out.

The big kids had their school dance on Friday night.  We bumped into this sweet guy.  He and Nix are both in first grade and his family is new to our neighborhood.  It's been fun getting to know them.

And these little brothers are the same age as well.

The only picture I took on Friday night.  #pleasecallmeforphotos #hahaha

Saturday morning basketball games came early.  Both kiddos played and we celebrated the last games of the season.  Both teams made huge strides this year!

Then Tab and I took this cutie out for a date night.  As the middle, sometimes it's hard to get alone time with Mom and Dad.  We let Nixon choose where we ate dinner....Chick-Fil-A was his pick.  

Then we headed to the theater to watch A Dog's Purpose.  A great night with my favorite six-year-old.

Sunday night, Ebby Lee and I got ready for her party.  We realized we had a few extra goodies so we headed over to deliver some treats to the cute girlies next door.  They just happened to be mid-bedtime routine.  We messed it all up, interrupted their quiet time, and left them all calm and settled I'm sure. #winkwink

Don't they look all tired and settled?  hahaha!

I saw this quote this week and couldn't love it more.  I try my best to keep this spot as authentic as possible but super upbeat at the same time.  Who has time to read a bunch of waaaahhh?  I find that as I get older this-authenticity-is something I look for even more than before in friendships.  We're all looking for real people who are fine with sharing their good, bad, and ugly with us.  Because we all have the ugly.  ;)

On Valentine's Day, these two love bugs set off for school.

My special valentine filled up my car with gas.  That's true love.  It was cold AND raining.

And when he got in from work, he made the gravy.  #allthehearteyesfortheoneinplaid

Worst picture ever...but we had the best night.  We ate dinner in the dining room, lit the candles, and all went around to say the things we love about each other.  

Shay and I need to make a little change to our Workin' It Wednesday calendar.   We're going to be changing the March 8th:  Balancing Work and Home Life to March 1st.  We want you guys to have plenty of notice so you can change your calendars as well.  Thanks so much for being flexible!

And if you have any questions, please send them my way.  I have an upcoming post with some Q and A.  You can comment on this post or e-mail me at alittlebitofeverything83@yahoo.com.

On Monday, I shared some tips I use to keep the house running smoothly and you guys left some great info in the comments regarding what our kiddos can be doing at home.  Check it out if you haven't seen those.  Great stuff.  Thank you for all your suggestions!

I hope you have a great weekend!  XO