Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday Talk

Hey, Hey!

It's time for Tuesday Talk.  The time each month when Fancy Ashley and I host a link-up, inviting you to join, where you can chit chat about anything and everything.

I love these posts because quite often I think, "I should ask the sweet readers _____", and it's hard to do sometimes in a regular post.  But this is what Tuesday Talk was made for!

I need your help, today!

My older kiddos all have some form of an I-Pad.  We typically only bring them out for travel during vacations.  But we're in Missouri right now and I realized their games, apps, etc. are not age appropriate anymore.  For instance, Ebby Lee is working on a puzzle Bowen should be working on and she also has an app for kindergarten sight words.

Do your kiddos have apps they love? 

I'd LOVE to hear your ideas...apps for 9-year-old girl who likes all things girly, for 8-year-old boy who enjoys all the sports, for 5-year-old boy who is a fan of it all...sports, legos, dinosaurs, etc., for 2-year-old girl who loves pushing all the buttons.  ha!

Seriously, please send some ideas my way!

Our nine-hour drive back to Texas thanks you.  And I do too. ;)


Monday, July 16, 2018

Catching Up

Happy Monday, Friends!

The kiddos and I left early this morning for a road trip to Missouri to see the family.  Why do nine hours in the car feel so much longer than nine hours with Bravo on my couch?  hahaha!

It's been a long time since I've shared a little I-Phone dump of pictures for you, so I thought it was time.  :)

A few weeks ago we showed up to Nixon's flag football game and they were short one player.  Well, guess who got to fill in?  That's right.  Bowen Slaughter stepped up as CENTER of their little team.  He did great!  I was so proud of him.  And he did it all wearing Natives, ladies.  #skills

One of Bowen's friends was sitting near me and I heard him tell his dad, "Well, no one is pulling Bowen's flags".  ha!

He's growing up right before my eyes.

Please note Bowen's "ready" position.

Seriously, proud of this kid.  And now he's dying to play flag football in the fall.  #herewego

Last weekend, we deemed it, "Double Date Night", and headed out to dinner and then a small local concert with the Shull crew.  Something I would tell my younger mama self is to get the sitter, grab some friends, and have a grown-up night out.  We did this when our kiddos were little but not as much as we should have.  Totally worth it!  (And photo credit goes to Shay.)

Recently the kiddos and I had our first majorly LAZY summer day.  We all slept in, did stuff around the house, and headed out to a late brunch around lunchtime.  For some reason, Bowen enjoyed the entire meal in these glasses.

Britt Slaughter does not shy away from the camera.  She saw me take a picture of Bowen and requested one of her own.

I finished this book recently and if you're a reader, stop what you're doing now to order this book.  My Oxford Year was such a well-written book.  You guys know I'm awful at book recaps, so be sure to see what Amazon has to say about it.  My favorite books to read are thrillers because you can't predict on page one what's gonna happen at the end (like typical chick-lit-though I read those too).  This one was definitely chick-lit, but I didn't see it coming...the middle/end was unexpected and I was a big fan!

Due to vacations and holidays, Britt skipped two weeks of speech.  I was a tad nervous about how she'd do when we went back after such a long break.  But she NAILED IT!  We have a long way to go in the speech department, but just last night she said, "Peek-a-boo".  HUGE milestone!

I finally got dressed in something other than a swimsuit/cover-up, which in my world needs to be documented.  The top is from Cassie's line at Nordstrom, (if you don't know what I'm talking about-a fellow blogger from Frisco, Hi Sugarplum, teamed up with Gibson at Nordstrom earlier this season with some of the cutest summer finds...you can see the entire line here) white jeans are as well, and the shoes are Ugg wedges from several years ago.

Ladies' Night Out with some of my favorite girls!

And that about wraps it up...we've been livin' the summer life lately.  Hope you're soaking up every bit of summer as well.

Have a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!

We have a pretty low-key weekend {which are often times my favorite kind} before we head to Missouri next week to see the family.  Today, I'm teaming up with Narci and Andrea to share my FRIDAY FAVORITES.

Unless you've been living under a rock, I know you've heard a thing or two about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  ;)  {It's happening NOW for cardholders and the sale goes live to the public on July 20th.} I promise this is not something you're going to hear a ton about over here on my little piece of the internet because I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, but I do enjoy sharing my style with you. I think we've discovered we're all a little nosy and I'm loving taking a peek into everyone's shopping carts!  I thought you might enjoy it too.  So, today I'm covering what I ordered from the sale and some other goodies I have that are worth a mention.

Let's get to it!

I've gotta start with my favorite finds from the sale...

Did anyone else think they killed it in the girl department this year?

Aren't these cute?  I got Ebby Lee these sneakers for school....glitter, pom poms, AND she can wear them to p.e....sign her up!  :)

You can see all the Anniversary Sale Girl Items here.  I really thought Nordstrom nailed the girl section of the sale!

Now onto beauty...I'd be lying if I said I couldn't have spent my entire sale budget in this category.  You know how I feel about trying all the products. :)  But I practiced self control and only grabbed this set...

Okay, now on to the womens' clothes and shoes!

I remember last year mentioning a couple items that were maybe a bit out of my trend comfort zone, and you guys were encouraging me to go for it.  Well, it happened again.  I'm totally drawn to these funky hem jeans.  I ordered this pair of  regular denim 

and this black pair as well.  I promise to give you my thoughts next week after trying them both on.

This picture is from the sale last year, but I want to report AG's are back!  To be honest, I didn't order another pair because my AG jeans from last year are very similar AND in great shape.  If you're thinking about some designer denim, GET THESE!

Again, this is a picture from the sale last year, but if you don't have a blardigan, stop what you're doing and order now!  This version was new last year and has a hood.  If I'm voting for my favorite version, I'd choose this one.

This long cardigan is on it's way to me right now.  Isn't this one cute?

These Spanx faux leather leggings will be your BFF in your closet.  These are priced so well right now and are super comfy!  Last year, I shared a post featuring several different ways I style my leggings.

This top screamed, "FALL", to me so I had to give it a try.  :)

You girls know I love a jumpsuit so I ordered this one...

and this one.  {I'm thinking I'll pair them with a denim jacket in the fall.}

And I grabbed this top as well. 

Normally, I go crazy in the shoe department, but I only ordered two pairs of shoes this year.  #wellseehowtheyfit

Like I said, I promise to not flood the blog with Nordstrom Sale posts for the next two weeks, but once those items arrive I will let you know what I think.  :)

What'd you order?  Any must-haves you have in your cart or on their way?

Thanks for reading today!  And Happy Friday, Friends!